Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa’s Twin Sister ‘Not Feeling’ Dimitri And Ashley – ‘She’s Always Gonna Be Second Place’

Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs seems to have a hard time convincing her twin sister to accept her new lifestyle. Vanessa just moved in with Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley Snowden. Apparently, all are adjusting well to their polygamous setup.

But not everyone is happy with the trio’s eyebrow-raising relationship. Aside from Ashley’s mom, Vanessa’s twin sister also expressed her concerns.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Cobbs – Her Twin Sister Against Her Polygamous Relationship

Looks like things are taking an awkward turn for Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. They meet Vanessa Cobbs’ sisters for the first time and it did not go well. The Seeking Sister Wife stars had a visit from Adrienne and Amy and things didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to be.

On Sunday’s episode, the twin sister made it known that she is against her sibling’s polygamous lifestyle. Upon her visit to Dimitri and Ashley’s house, things quickly turned awkward. Adrienne’s doubts became more apparent.

Vanessa’s Twin Gives Cold Shoulder To Dimitri & Ashley Snowden

During their first meeting, it appeared that Vanessa Cobbs’ twin sister was not impressed with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. In fact, the Seeking Sister Wife couple immediately felt something was off as evident to Adrienne’s reaction in front of them.

Not much talking took place when they all gather in the kitchen. By the looks of it, everyone in the room was uncomfortable during the meeting.

At one point, Adrienne even gave a displeased look at the couple. When invited by Vanessa out for lunch she was curt. “Whatever you want to do,” she replied.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Says Adrienne ‘Not Feeling’ Sister’s New Lifestyle

With Adrienne giving Dimitri  and Ashley Snowden the cold shoulder, it’s obvious she’s against their polygamous relationship. The Seeking Sister Wife stars admit they knew Vanessa Cobbs’ sister will be difficult to convince.

Ashley said that her first impression of the twin sister was that she “ain’t feeling it” and then said their meeting was “kinda awkward”.

Dimitri backs up his wife’s and says it was “awkward and cold.”

It seems like the Snowdens will have more work to do. The couple wants to prove that their non-standard living arrangement with their new sister wife will work out.

Adrienne Thinks Vanessa Will Always Be Second Place

Meanwhile, Adrienne explains her doubts about Vanessa Cobbs’ relationship with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. She points out that her sister’s plural marriage setup with the Snowdens will only put her in a disadvantage.

Adrienne thinks Vanessa is will always be the “second spot” and will never be first in Dimitri’s life.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Defends Relationship With Dimitri & Ashley

Despite not getting Adrienne’s approval, Vanessa Cobbs still defends her living with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Seeking Sister Wife star admits she felt her sister is “closed off” about the idea of her polygamous choice.

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