Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri, Ashley and Vanessa Ready For Wife 3 – Family Calls it Pyramid Scheme

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and Vanessa Cobbs are (sort of) officially husband and wife. The polygamous couple celebrated their love in an intimate ceremony, along with wife number one, Ashley Snowden.

But not everyone shares the same sentiment as the trio. Apparently, some family members still have their doubts about their eyebrow-raising lifestyle. And of course, as the ceremony isn’t legal, the word “official” is pretty loose on the TLC show.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden And Bride Vanessa Cobbs Say “I Do”

Last week, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden finally fulfilled their goal of expanding their polygamous family. The reality pair sealed the deal with Vanessa Cobbs after months of dating.

On Sunday’s episode, Dimitri Snowden and wife Vanessa walked down the aisle, ready to start a life together with Ashley. The couple appears ecstatic as they share the momentous event with family and close friends.

But before the couple even exchanged their vows, drama instantly ensued on Seeking Sister Wife. This makes the whole thing challenging and awkward for the trio.

Ashley & Vanessa Grilled At Goddess Party

During Vanessa Cobbs and Ashley Snowden’s “Goddess Party” guests couldn’t help but fire questions about their polygamous lifestyle. The Seeking Sister Wife women were bombarded with inquiries, most negative in nature.

Vanessa’s oldest sister, Jennifer Cobbs, did not hold back roasting the brides on their life choices. The outspoken sibling asked about their future plans of expanding their plural marriage family.

Seeking Sister Wife: Wife Number 3 for Dimitri Snowden Already?

At the party, Ashley Snowden with Vanessa Cobbs unhesitatingly reveal their desire to add another new queen in the house soon. They claim that the idea “sounds great” to add wife number three to their home.

But not everyone seems pleased. Apparently, most of their guests are skeptical of the idea. This is despite Ashley and Vanessa’s apparent eagerness to make it happen. So, just how many wives does the Seeking Sister Wife family plan to welcome?

Dimitri Snowden’s mother Lestra admits that she still can’t wrap her head around having two daughters-in-law let alone three. She said she’s not ready for a third daughter-in-law.


Ashley Snowden Explains Why Having A Third Wife Is Good For Them

In an attempt to enlighten their families about polygamy, Dimitri Snowden’s first wife, Ashley, explains why having a third wife is a good idea. The Seeking Sister Wife mom of three claims expanding their household is beneficial for all of them.

Ashley said the family is trying to build an their empire. She said that a third wife would give them the ability to rotate chores, like watching after the children.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa’s Sister Calls Out “Scheme”

Of course, not everyone sees it like Ashley Snowden and Dimitri’s new wife Vanessa Cobbs do. The reality show women seem to have a hard time convincing their families their polygamy plan is viable and worthwhile.

The Seeking Sister Wife bride’s sister Jennifer even went as far as to compare their polygamous setup to a type of “pyramid scheme”. She believes the lowest ranking person on the family “totem pole” will be given the worst chores. Right now, that would be her sister Vanessa.

Despite all the doubters, Dimitri Snowden, Ashley, and Vanessa had a uniquely beautiful wedding ceremony. The Snowdens may still have a long way to go before their families accept their lifestyle. For now, what’s important is that the trio is happy and content with their growing family as shown on the TLC show.

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