‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Will Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Choose Vanessa Cobbs as a New Sister Wife?

Seeking Sister Wife couple Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley Snowden are courting a new sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs. However, will she suit their needs? Everything appears to be going swell, however a few things may be nonnegotiable. Meanwhile in Utah, the Winder family is struggling with appearing as a family unit in public. Will outsiders accept them?

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden Court Vanessa Cobbs

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have welcomed a new woman into their lives. Vanessa Cobbs is a potential new sister wife from Seattle. On the upcoming episode of Seeking Sister Wife, the couple will continue to observe how well she blends with their family. 

Dimitri Snowden will experience his first date with Vanessa. However, the pair will have strict rules due to Dimitri’s prior infidelity. He previously cheated on Ashley with another prospect last season. Therefore, Ashley will be on close watch. She will establish an early curfew for the date. She’ll instruct them to return before midnight in order to prevent temptation. 

Previously on Seeking Sister Wife, when Dimitri Snowden was unfaithful, he stayed out rather late. Evidently, Ashley feels as if an earlier curfew will work better. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of last time.

SSW: Will the Snowdens and Vanessa Cobbs be Compatible?

So far, the Snowden’s believe Vanessa Cobbs will be a good fit. However, they are still reviewing her potential. In particular, her eating habits. Ashley and Dimitri Snowden are plant-based eaters. However, Vanessa isn’t. She eats her fair share of meat. But Ashley believes her diet may potentially interfere with their lifestyle. The Snowden‘s are very holistic and earth-based. Therefore, living with a meat eater may be quite challenging. 

On Vanessa and Dimitri’s first date, Vanessa will order a meat dish. Dimitri Snowden will appear to be slightly uncomfortable. Will Vanessa Cobbs‘s desire to eat animals be a deal breaker for the Seeking Sister Wife reality couple? It’s a possibility.

Seeking Sister Wife: The Winders Confront Spectators

The Winders are a rather new family unit. So much so, they haven’t appeared in public as a family yet. Second sister wife Sophie is uncomfortable with being hidden. She’s complained about it previously. Therefore, Colton will finally agree to expose his wives in public.

Utah has strict laws against polygamy. As a result, polygamist families can potentially face legal troubles. Due to this threat, the Winders have refrained from exposing themselves in front of others. However, during the next Seeking Sister Wife, they’ll attempt once again to make their debut. The trio will venture off to a local flea market. But will the community judge them?

On a previous episode, they were unsuccessful. The family traveled to a park for their daughter‘s birthday. Sadly, there weren’t any people there. Laughably, only animals were present. So the Winders were disappointed. However, they agreed to try it again eventually.

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