‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri and Ashley Remain Positive Amid Split from Vanessa – ‘Time Heals All Things’

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and Ashley Snowden are not letting a heartbreak bring them down. The polygamous couple is doing their best to remain positive after parting ways from Vanessa Cobbs.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden Moving On From Vanessa Cobbs

Earlier this week, fans of Seeking Sister Wife were stunned after Vanessa Cobbs confirmed she left Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The trio has been in a polygamous relationship for a year before their marriage went down the drain.

The split was undeniably difficult for the Snowdens, especially since it took them nine years before finding the perfect sister wife. It was equally hard for Vanessa as well, who defied even her own family just to pursue the eyebrow-raising lifestyle.

Now, it seems like Dimitri is in the process of moving on from Vanessa. Despite the grief, the TLC celeb and his wife Ashley remain positive and are slowly getting back on track of their polygamous journey.

Dimitri Confident That ‘Time Heals All Things’

In an Instagram video, Dimitri Snowden noted “time heals all things.” This includes his and Ashley Snowden’s broken hearts from losing Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife patriarch appeared to be in good spirits as he offered “proof” that everything will be fixed at the right time.

In the clip, Dimitri compared their situation to a portion of lush land somewhere in Calabasas. The reality star claimed that the area was once burned down during a wildfire five months ago.

Apparently, Ashley’s husband helped evacuate residents during the destructive wildfire. At that time, he thought the place will never look the same again. Surprisingly, it naturally returns to its normal state, seemingly proving his belief that time definitely heals everything.

“Time heals all things and the proof is right here,” Dimitri said, referring to the serene nature. “I know that in the middle of the fire it’s hard to imagine the new beauty that will certainly emerge, but know that it will.”

Dimitri And Ashley No Hard Feelings On Vanessa?

Despite the shocking split, Dimitri and Ashley Snowden made it very clear that they have no ill feelings towards Vanessa Cobbs. The Seeking Sister Wife couple has nothing but good words to say to their former sister wife.

Dimitri even made light of the situation, joking about Vanessa’s controversial detox diet. “We know for a fact @vanessacobbs really loves us because she ate kale and quinoa for 13 months,” the reality star wrote.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Stands By Dimitri’s Side Amid Difficult Time

Meanwhile, Ashley Snowden continues to stand by Dimitri Snowden’s side amid this trying time. In a comment to the same post, the Seeking Sister Wife star expressed admiration to her husband.

“My King. I love the gems you drop here, and on me daily,” Ashley wrote. “From the fire come fertile ground.”

Ashley has yet to give a personal comment on the split, except for the joint statement Dimitri Snowden posted.

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