‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Snowden Denies Forcing Vanessa Cobbs To Change

Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri Snowden continues to face criticism over his failed polygamous marriage with Vanessa Cobbs. The husband of Ashley Snowden faces backlash over the drastic changes done by Vanessa in order to adapt to their unconventional lifestyle. Dimitri is trying to do damage control and says it was Vanessa’s choice.

Seeking Sister Wife Update: Dimitri Snowden Ponders True Meaning Of Happiness And Contentment

Earlier this week, Dimitri Snowden opened up about his thoughts on happiness and what it really means to him. Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimity took to Instagram and reflected on his previous experiences that made him realize he somehow lacks a sense of contentment. Ashley Snowden’s husband admitted that there were times when he’s not fully happy because he “always wants the next thing”.

In the clip, Dimitri revealed he has an “insatiable desire” to get it all done the way he wanted. He also thought about the past and how he could’ve done better. “Today I’m in this place of self-pity, harsh critique, and lack,” Dimitri wrote. “I found myself dwelling on all my business, platonic and romantic relationships”.

Dimitri Maintains Vanessa Cobbs Wasn’t Forced To Change

Dimitri Snowden’s sentiment drew mixed reactions from his Dimitri Snowden followers. He was quickly criticized for admitting he wanted to get things done the way he wanted. Apparently, some think it applied to his and Ashley Snowden’s former sister wife Vanessa Cobbs.

One commenter pointed out that Vanessa had to make drastic changes just to be able to adapt to their lifestyle. These include changing her diet and fashion style. However, Dimitri vehemently denied that they forced Vanessa to make such changes, adding that it was all her decision.

“She didn’t have to do anything. She made a choice,” Dimitri maintained. “[Vanessa] is a smart, able and clear thinker. The part your missing is we didn’t ask her to change – we simply stated how we operate and she agreed”.

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Seeking Sister Wife: He Claims Vanessa Willingly Adapted Their Lifestyle

Dimitri Snowden also addressed those criticizing him and Ashley Snowden for their preferences. The Seeking Sister Wife celeb explained that they never imposed their choices on Vanessa Cobbs. He added that at the end of the day, it’ll always be Vanessa’s decision which path to take.

“We don’t tell or ask any woman to change for us,” Dimitri insisted. “We simply state who we are and it’s their CHOICE to pick us or choose someone else more compatible”.

Dimitri Reveals Things They Had To Give Up For Vanessa

While it’s true that Vanessa Cobbs made a lot of changes, Dimitri Snowden claimed he and Ashley Snowden also have their fair share of sacrifices. The Seeking Sister Wife alum revealed that they had to “give up” a lot of things, which were not shown on TV.

Dimitri pointed out that what viewers see on TV was just a fraction of a bigger picture and that “more life happens off-screen”. “People forget about the stuff that isn’t visible for TV like finances, insurance, our children having to accept another authority figure, etc.” he added.

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