‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Spoilers: Dimitri Brags About Giving Vanessa The ‘D’

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers straight from Dimitri Snowden reveal today’s the day that he gives Vanessa Cobbs “the D” on the TLC polygamy program. Both Dimitri and Vanessa shared on Instagram that tonight’s episode is where they consummate adding a sister wife to his marriage to Ashley Snowden and everyone is on board. So what’s next as “D Day” approaches?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri Snowden Shares Eggplant Emojis

There’s no being coy about these spoilers for tonight’s episode. Dimitri Snowden shared a clip of the show and captioned it with six (count them) emojis. Three were devils and three were eggplants. So, is the computer engineer calling himself a horny little devil? Heaven knows he’s been patient waiting for Ashley Snowden to give him access to Vanessa Cobbs’ womanly favors.

Dimitri Snowden took his time courting Vanessa Cobbs on Seeking Sister Wife. Last season, Dimitri Snowden misstepped and took a roll in the hay with flight attendant Joselyn way too soon. Although Ashley made clear she didn’t consider it cheating, she also laid down stricter ground rules this go round. But now it looks like they have the green light to get busy.

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden Asks if Vanessa Cobbs is Ready

So, one takeaway from Dimitri’s Instagram post (above) is that he knows people are wondering about how the intimacy functions in their three-way relationship. Tonight’s episode promises some answers. In the new promo, Dimitri Snowden says “tonight is finally the night”. Vanessa tells the camera: “Dimitri and I finally get to do it!”.

Then as Vanessa Cobbs and Ashley Snowden hang out, she asks her new sister wife, “Are you ready for the D?” to which she responds with a blush and a laugh. Also note on Dimitri’s IG post, there are three eggplant emojis. Is that a hint to his social followers on how many times he delivered the goods? Perhaps that will be revealed tonight, along with other bedroom secrets at the Snowden house on Seeking Sister Wife.

Ashley and Vanessa Steam-Clean Their Ladies Bits Together

It wasn’t too long ago on Seeking Sister Wife that Ashley Snowden put Vanessa Cobbs on a special diet to make sure she’d be yeast-free before getting freaky with Dimitri Snowden. Plus, they took one last step to make sure that the new wife’s love parts were pristine. Check out the above video to see the sister wives treating their privates to a Yoni steam.

With the threat of yeast eliminated and Vanessa Cobbs adhering to their strict dietary regimen, these two bed down and share the details on the upcoming episode. Vanessa also shared the same promo clip on her Instagram and said they’ve shared so much with fans and followers that they “might as well keep it going”. So if you’ve been following their journey, tonight is when it all comes together! Don’t miss the TLC show at 10 pm to see D-Day with Dimitri Snowden and Vanessa Cobbs.

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