‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson’s Husband – Hot Topic Dr Gadson Johnson

Married to Medicine Los Angeles star Jazmin Johnson is a hot central figure of the show. Body? Check, as the Inglewood native’s castmates recently said. Therefore, the women gave kudos to Jazmin’s fit figure. Johnson’s snapback was real, as the full-time mother sported a seriously snatched bikini profile.  However, as a wife, the identity of Jazmin’s husband became a sleuthing mystery. Dr Gadson Johnson is his name.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson’s Husband’s Mysterious Name

According to Bravo, the MTMLA star is married to psychiatrist Dr Gadson Johnson. Jazmin Behin Johnson is her Facebook name. But it’s Jazmin Ashley Johnson on Instagram, as seen in below photos. A recent episode displayed the fitness queen eschewing an intuitive. Jazmin refused to tell the woman her husband’s name. Meanwhile, the intuitive said that Jazmin and her man have a “dark shadow” surrounding them.

As seen in the below video, Jazmin Johnson caught heat for her home appearing like a “drug dealer’s house.” Her friends have yet to meet the man at the center of the drama. Jazmin got defensive when the “extremely busy and successful psychiatrist” wasn’t with her during the anniversary celebration of another couple. The Married to Medicine Los Angeles ghost claimed he awakens really early for work.


Jazmin Defends Against Drug Dealer Comments

Jazmin and Dr Gadson Johnson share a Beverly Hills home. The six-bedroom, 7-bathroom, 9,757 square foot house became a star in its own right. The reality show participants wondered aloud how the couple could afford the home. It last sold for $6 million on August 11, 2016. It features a pool, gourmet kitchen, sauna, steam room, and theater.

Other Married to Medicine Los Angeles co-stars didn’t think the salary of a Los Angeles psychiatrist could pay for such an opulent palace. As a result, Jazmin Johnson clapped back at the notion that her husband, Dr Gadson Johnson, had to perform dubious actions to buy the house. Talk of African-American women not supporting one another ensued. However, the friendships were tested as the women wondered what kind of medicinal marriage secrets Johnson held.

The Married to Medicine Los Angeles Message Boards are Talking…

Already, forums like Lipstick Alley are digging into the background of the couple. With Jazmin Johnson intent on keeping the identity of her doctor husband on the low, curiosity about Dr Gadson Johnson is rising. Various reviews from his patients can be found online. Some praise him, some are scathing.

What is clear is that Gadson Johnson’s refusal to film MTMLA scenes has made him even more popular in his absence. As a result, viewers are intrigued about the man who has yet to show up on the LA-based show.


Will the Marriage Survive the Scrutiny?

Already some viewers are spelling the death knell for the union, going the way of other reality show couplings. Yet the Los Angeles spin-off from the Atlanta-based Married To Medicine may prove just as popular. Dr Gregory Lunceford was a big storyline of the southern show. Especially when he claimed his mistress “smelled” and that estranged wife Quad Webb Lunceford hadn’t slept with him in years.

Overall, fans of the couple hope and pray that a mistress other than medicine doesn’t pop out of the woodwork. Stranger things have been known to happen when the harsh light of reality TV shines on a marriage.

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