‘Married To Medicine’: Dr. Gregory Lunceford Says Mistress ‘Smelled,’ No Sex With Quad Webb Lunceford For Years

Married To Medicine star Dr. Gregory Lunceford is telling his side of the divorce from wife Quad Webb Lunceford. As seen in below videos, Gregory says he wanted to be called Dr. Gregory and not “Dr. Greg” or “Dr. G” anymore. That’s because Dr. Gregory’s brother is now called by the “doctor” prefix as well, and he doesn’t want any of the Married To Medicine drama to befall him.

Married to Medicine for love or money?

Quad Webb-Lunceford married Dr. Gregory Lunceford for money. At least that’s what Dr. Lunceford claimed about his marriage. And Dr. Gregory was eager to get to his side of the story, along with the reasons he claimed the marriage failed.

However, although Dr. Gregory said he would “start with the problem,” he danced around the night at the hotel with Jackie Presley of Atlanta for a bit. “The problem is I feel like I’m being misrepresented,” Dr. Gregory began.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford claimed Jackie didn’t smell right

The board-certified psychiatrist said he married Quad Webb-Lunceford in July 2012, and their divorce isn’t final. Dr. Gregory claims Quad wants money. “Well, no, I was not committing adultery,” Dr. Gregory said, adding that Quad moved into a spare bedroom years ago.

“I have senses man I started smelling and seeing stuff that wasn’t right…I was like I’m doing wrong.” Gregory continued, “I couldn’t tell if this is sign…”

“She never did anything marital. She had severe withdrawal from the marriage as early as 2014,” Dr. Gregory alleged. The good doctor said he was the one who set up counseling appointments and went to church without Quad. But when he hooked up with some old buddies and he met Jackie Presley, that’s when he began to dance with the devil in a hotel room.


Quad Webb-Lunceford says cheating ended her marriage

Whereas Quad Webb-Lunceford claimed her estranged husband isn’t turning in the proper paperwork for the divorce and acted like he didn’t want the marriage, he claims the opposite. “We just weren’t seeing eye-to-eye,” he said. “We weren’t going in the same direction.”

A Married to Medicine divorce might eventually finalize for Quad. But Webb-Lunceford is a fine woman who balked at having Dr. Gregory’s babies. Quad married the doctor because she liked what he represented, Dr. Gregory claims.

“I don’t understand why she wants money because every dime she ever made from the show I let her keep. I have no idea how much money she has [or] what she does with her money.”


Gregory Lunceford bought Gucci purses for Quad

In the beginning of the marriage, everything was fun. “We had money for certain things but we certainly didn’t have money for her to go popping off and buying Gucci purses every other week,” he said. He urged his wife to follow a budget.

However, when Quad began making money, “she started keeping her money. It was never a team.” Instead of viewing it as selfish, the psychiatrist said that he’s an old-fashioned guy that believes a man should take care of a woman. In the end, Gregory said that his wife refused to join him at church and let God into their marriage.

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