‘Married to Medicine’: Quad Webb Gets Low During Taping

Married to Medicine‘s Quad Webb-Lunceford is always at the center of some type of drama. That’s the case whether they are at home in Atlanta or out in Los Angeles for a crossover.

Married to Medicine: Quad Webb-Lunceford Is Ready to Get Out

Quad Webb-Lunceford and the other ladies on Married to Medicine Atlanta rolled out for some girl time. Or as we know it—drama city. Before they could even get away from the start off point, Quad was already talking a big game. And you can’t miss her dropping it like it’s hot.

Unlike many other cities, Atlanta is open and ready for some fun. We didn’t see Dr. Heavenly Kimes. But that could be because it was her 23rd anniversary to her husband, Dr. Damon Kimes, aka, “Daddy.” And you know she’s going to stick by her man on their special day.

Even if Heavenly doesn’t go on this outing with Quad and the rest of the women, it’s still likely to be drama-filled. Last season, Bravo’s Quad just couldn’t let the drama die with Dr. Simone Whitmore. And we’re bound to see some more “slip showing” in season 7 of Married to Medicine.

Married to Medicine: Quad Webb

Dr. Jackie Walters Brings It

One of the things people don’t expect out of Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine is getting sassy. But in the newest season, we’re going to see Jackie exchanging some harsh words. And it’s going to shock some of the other people on the show.

Jackie isn’t the only one that is acting out of character, either. Heavenly and her sweetheart, husband Damon, also exchange words and raise fan’s eyebrows. But will there be more violations of the girl code? It looks like that’s the case.

There is some new blood in the group, and it’s likely to add a different dynamic. Married to Medicine fans are interested to see if the new cast is going to mean more drama. Or if maybe things are going to calm down with another voice of reason in the mix.

Married to Medicine: Quad Webb

Married to Medicine: Welcomes Buffie Purselle

Many people are asking, “Who is Buffie Purselle?” And she’ll be quick to tell everyone proudly that she’s the wife of Psychiatrist Dr. David Purselle. But she isn’t “just a doctor’s wife.” Buffie is a powerhouse all by herself.

Buffie has over 20 years of experience in the tax and personal finance field. We’ve seen both Buffie and her husband David on Married to Medicine in season 6. After the drama she saw, fans are a little surprised she decided to take the leap right into the middle of everything.

Everyone wants to see what girls trips Quad Webb and the rest of the group head out on. So far, it does look like they at least had one crossover episode filmed recently.

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