‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Kendra Segura Glams It Up – M2M Crossover Scenes?

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Kendra Segura is feeling herself after bouncing baby from birthing a baby. Now she’s down in Atlanta, and fans think there might be an M2M crossover happening.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura Getting Her Life Back

One of the biggest issues for Kendra Segura in the last season of the Bravo show was getting back to work. As a matter of fact, Kendra wanted to go back to work, and her husband, Dr. Hobart Leung, wanted her to stay home with their baby son, Hart. In fact, it didn’t seem like either one of them was seeing the other’s point of view.

After some very wise advice from two of the other husbands on Married to Medicine Los Angeles, Hobart gave in. And it seems like things are going much better for Kendra and her family since then.

One of the things she said was that she needed to feel like her own person. After having a child, it can be easy to get lost and not know who you are anymore. Now, Kendra is back in full action and getting her travel on down to Atlanta.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Kendra Doing a Bravo Crossover?

We’ve seen Atlanta come to Los Angeles, but now it looks like we might be getting a crossover the other way. Fans of Married to Medicine wonder if it’s just going to be Kendra. Or maybe the whole crew is going to be on the episode.

Whatever the case, Kendra Segura went all out on her glam. The makeup artist called the look full-face glam makeup. And boy, do those eyelashes say glam.

Kendra from Married to Medicine is always looking nice, but this is definitely a fancier look for her. This isn’t the first time her look has come up in a conversation. Remember when Shanique Drummond and Lia Dias from TV series Married to Medicine got into it over Kendra’s flight suit pic? Shanique shared that Lia was throwing shade on Kendra’s pics.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Married to Medicine: Turning Up the Excitement

Fans of the show are looking forward to seeing more of Kendra Segura back at work. She does a lot of work in low-income areas, and seeing what she does is very inspiring. Now that she is back to work full-time, there’s likely to be some tension between her and Hobart. And fans want to see how this turns out.

Hopefully, his M2M pals will keep his ear full of good advice, so he stays on Kendra’s good side. Now that baby Hart is taking his first steps, it is likely things will be even more hectic around the house. Fans are curious to see how the couple is going to manage things.

There’s no confirmation of who is going to be on the next season of Married to Medicine. But fans are hopeful everyone, including Kendra Segura, will continue on the show.

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