‘Married to Medicine’: Quad Webb Husband’s Mistress Spills ‘All About the Tea’ On Gregory Lunceford

Married to Medicine premieres with plenty of drama for Quad Webb-Lunceford and her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Season 6 of Married to Medicine starts on Sunday evening. Sadly, another cheating scandal is at the forefront. “Miss Quad” and Dr. Gregory Lunceford are on the road to splitsville. An alleged mistress, Jackie Presley of Atlanta, came between Dr. Greg and Quad.

Married To Medicine Mistress: Quad Webb’s Husband is ‘All About the Tea’

Quad Webb and Gregory Lunceford are the main topic, along with the AllAboutTheTea.com. According to the site, a woman who claims she’s Greg’s mistress dishes out dirt on Gregory. She claims to be his mistress and met him at a club. She talks about oral sex, condoms, a small penis, and a hotel room.

Toya Bush-Harris read aloud from the article. But lots of Married to Medicine cast mates didn’t believe the mistress. Damon Kimes, husband to Dr. Heavenly Kimes, said people create stories and make things up all the time.


Married to Medicine: Quad Webb’s Divorce Final from Gregory Lunceford?

According to Newsweek, Quad Webb has filed for divorce. The Married to Medicine couple filed in May, but it is not clear when the divorce from Gregory Lunceford will finalize. Meanwhile, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, don’t believe the mistress. Assertions of a penis the size of a pinky finger were shot down as a rarity.

Married to Medicine couples like Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore were near the brink of divorce last season. But that couple stayed together. Now another Married to Medicine couple is going through a hard time. Mariah Huq and her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq, read the juicy article. Afterward, Mariah commanded Aydin not to become an article himself.


“Miss Quad” Instead of “Mrs. Quad”

Quad Webb was called “Miss Quad” by Mariah, who once danced and sang about her best friend. “Miss Quad, she got it,” Huq sang. Their friendship faltered and so did Quad’s marriage. Now “Miss Quad” is likely on the road to no longer being the wife of a doctor.

“Dr. G” wanted Quad Webb to have a baby. Quad wanted respect and to feel valued. Now it appears the two will move forward outside of their famous marriage.

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