‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Kendra Segura Shows Off Slimmer Figure – Before-After Pics

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Kendra Segura is feeling confident with her weight loss and a slimmer figure. Now, she’s celebrating that she now fits into medium scrubs.

Married to Medicine LA: Kendra Segura Says Weight Loss Is Slow Going

In season two of Married to Medicine Los Angeles, we saw Kendra Segura and Jazmin Johnson going toe to toe. Everything started out fine with Jazmin helping Kendra with her weight loss. But soon, Jazmin’s seriousness about her work went too far for Kendra.

From taking Kendra’s food off her plate to telling her to peddle harder on the girl’s trip—it wasn’t working. Jazmin and Kendra stopped training together. But, Kendra didn’t stop her journey to losing weight. In fact, she is super excited now that she can fit into medium scrubs.

Bravo’s Kendra Segura did say that she knows the going is slow. She is making good choices in food and trying to get in some activity. But it seems like there are some things she isn’t ready to give up for her diet. Whatever the case, she is doing well, and she’s happy.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Kendra Celebrates Her Wins

Kendra Segura of Married to Medicine LA knows the importance of celebrating your wins. She’s never been worried about what people thought about her body. In fact, she even showed up to an event in a crop top.

One of the Atlanta ladies did make a negative comment about it in a confessional. But Kendra rocked it, and she didn’t care what anyone said about her. Now, her husband, on the other hand—that’s a different story. If you can remember, the ladies threw down that night over a misunderstanding between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Kendra Segura.

She is doing well at her job now that she’s back to work full-time. But she is missing her son Hart. Even so, she’s excited about her wins and isn’t afraid to share them with Married to Medicine followers.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Ready for a New Season

Viewers think that Kendra Segura was recently in Atlanta taping a crossover episode for Married to Medicine. With the recent firings and confusion about who will remain on the show, they need as much fire as they can get. And fire is one thing she can bring.

The last season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles left us wondering about Jazmin Johnson’s husband. Despite the fact that Kendra and some of the ladies tried to sneak a peek at him upstairs. And fans are beginning to think the good doctor will never be on the show.

Whatever the case, fans are still here for the newest season. And everyone is excited to see if they get to view this slim new body in the next season.

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