‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson’s ‘Drug Dealer House’ for Sale

Jazmin Johnson of Married to Medicine Los Angeles has gone through a lot of trouble with her gorgeous mansion. Is she really putting it up for sale? It looks like she is selling it and it isn’t going cheap, either. If you want this home, you’re going to need almost $9.5 million to call it your own.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson Is Proud of Her Home – But Only Part of It

On Married to Medicine LA, proud homeowner Jazmin Johnson allowed viewers to see her home. Well, at least part of her home. She showed off the kitchen, a couple of bathrooms, the entryway, the living room, and what she said is going to be a theater room. She kept saying that she is renovating the house and wouldn’t let anyone see any of the upstairs.

On Married to Medicine, Jazmin repeatedly said they are fixing the house up and putting their own touch on things. That is what’s surprising about them selling their home – which drew criticism on the show in the past. Is there trouble in paradise? M2M LA cast would jump at the chance to hear some dirt on the fit and fine young star.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

First Season Drama Over the “Drug Dealer House”

During the first season of Married to Medicine, things started off a little slow. But before long, the ladies were bringing the drama. And one big part of the drama was co-cast member Dr. Imani Walker’s comment. Imani said that Jazmin Johnson’s house looks like a drug dealer’s house. She said the way she knew that is because she had been to drug dealer houses before.

Fast forward to season two and Phil Johnson, hubby of Married to Medicine’s Imani started a dispensary in Oklahoma. Needless to say, that raised a few eyebrows — especially from Jazmin. While the two ladies look like they are doing their best to put things behind them, it does seem like there is still a little tension there.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine: Moving On to Other Drama

It looks like it is time for Jazmin from Married to Medicine that airs on Bravo Sunday nights at 9 to move on to other drama. Who knows what her next house is going to look like. Maybe it is going to cause even more problems for her when people see it. But what many people don’t remember is that Jazmin and her husband already own another home.

They have a multi-level contemporary home that has the most amazing views about the Sunset Strip. That’s the house the Atlanta Married to Medicine ladies from stayed in when they visited LA. They kept putting the house on and off the market after only buying it 2 years ago. Are they trying to see which house they can get off their hands?

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