‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Kendra Segura Struggles with Leaving Baby Hart

Married to Medicine’s Dr. Kendra Segura is having a hard time leaving baby Hart. He’s recently learned how to walk, and fans of the show can’t get enough of him. It seems like it’s the same for mom, too.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura Wants to Go Back to Work

Dr. Kendra Segura introduced us to her sweet little one, Hart, when he was very little on Married to Medicine. She kept us updated on him, and now he’s up and walking. In fact, Hart recently turned 1-year-old. And that was a bittersweet milestone for Kendra.

Kendra Segura of Married to Medicine even went so far as to say that she was “heartbroken.” She said that it is true what people say about how fast babies do grow up. But it doesn’t sound like she would have done anything differently with her work.

Many fans remember that she and her husband Hobart Leung had issues because of the going back to work topic. Kendra wanted to get back to work pretty quickly, but Hobart didn’t think it was a good decision. As a matter of fact, he only wanted her to go back to work on a very part-time basis.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Kendra Segura - Hart

Kendra Hiding Work Decision from Hubby, Hobart Leung

One of the things Kendra’s friends freaked out about on Married to Medicine Los Angeles was the secrecy. Kendra Segura knew that her husband didn’t want her to go back to work. He even said that she didn’t have to go back to work and that he didn’t understand why she wanted to.

Kendra started to get bitter, and her friends suggested she talk to him. She said that she did talk to him and he wasn’t going to budge. And then she dropped the bombshell that she had already accepted a full-time position.

As a side note, she did say that they understood she was a new mother. Even though this was the case, Hobart was a little upset when he found out she didn’t tell him about it. But they ended up working things out.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Kendra Segura - Hart

Married to Medicine: Balancing Work and Family

As any working mother does, it seems like Kendra has had a challenge balancing family and work. She’s missing her son, but she feels she needs to have her job to feel like herself. Thankfully, Hobart ended up understanding with a little help from the other husband on Married to Medicine.

Fans are loving watching Hart grow up, and they too feel like he’s growing too quickly. But everyone is happy that he is a healthy and growing little one.

Everyone is excited to see more of Kendra Segura on the new season of Married to Medicine. But it looks like we might be seeing her in a crossover of the Atlanta version before getting to see her in Los Angeles.

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