‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Kendra Segura’s Stunning Weight Loss and Hair Transformation

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Kendra Segura has gone through a stunning transformation with weight loss and a hair style change. Fans are saying how gorgeous she looks with her new hairdo and thinner face.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Kendra Segura Puts on Pregnancy Pounds

Dr. Kendra Segura’s son Hart is a year old now. The milestone really got to Married to Medicine Los Angeles mama Kendra. But she is very proud of how well he’s doing. He’s walking all over the place now and seems like he’s a very happy baby.

Even though Hart is doing great, the pregnancy with Hart caused Kendra Segura to gain weight. In the last season of Married to Medicine LA, we saw her and Jazmin Johnson go back and forth over the issue of weight loss. Kendra hired Jazmin to help her lose weight, but that didn’t work out.

To say that Jazmin went a little over the topic would be an understatement. And they finally had to stop the weight loss coaching to save their Married to Medicine friendship. Which it seemed like both of them were more than happy to do.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Dr. Kendra Segura

M2M: Kendra Loses Weight On Her Own

It doesn’t look like Kendra Segura needs help with weight loss. The Married to Medicine star has been eating healthy and getting in exercise without anyone keeping a watchful eye on her. Not only is she dropping the pounds, but she looks very healthy.

Kendra spends a lot of her time educating black mothers on important issues like breastfeeding. And she also works with people that might not be able to afford quality care. Everyone knows Kendra as one of the most caring cast members on Married to Medicine Los Angeles.

What’s catching fan’s attention now is her hair – her long locks and bangs. And let’s not forget that August 31st is Kendra Segura’s birthday. So everyone is wishing her happy birthday along with giving her kudos on her gorgeous look. And it looks like she and Hobart went to Las Vegas for her birthday, so the extra fancy look won’t be wasted.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Married to Medicine LA: Looking Good and Doing Good after Weight Loss and Hair Change

Kendra Segura and her husband, Hobart Leung, had a few struggles during the last season. And fans are wondering how things are going now that Kendra is working and traveling. Not long ago, she was in Atlanta by herself.

Some fans of Married to Medicine LA think she was in Atlanta to film a crossover. That would make a lot of sense since Georgia is fully open. And filming is legal there, so it’s not a problem legally. After the upset over the recent firing, it’s like Bravo is trying to do everything it can to keep things interesting.

Fans say that Kendra Segura always looks amazing. But they are feeling her new look and aren’t afraid to say so. One fan even said that Kendra looked like the singer Ciara in her newest photos.

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