‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Dr. Kendra Segura Chops Off Hair – Before and After Pics

Married to Medicine‘s Kendra Segura is looking amazing with her new short hair cut. Everyone can tell she is sassy and feelin’ herself as well. And for good reason—she looks amazing with this new hairdo. But she says there’s more behind it than just wanting a new haircut.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Dr. Kendra Segura’s Long Hair

Kendra Segura is one of the sassy and funny members of the Married to Medicine Los Angeles cast. We get to see a lot of her life including her husband Hobart Leung and her son Hart. We’ve seen them go through some ups and downs because of her job. The worst was probably when Kendra took a job without talking with her husband about it first.

Despite their little fights here and there, it’s easy to see they love each other. Both of them are doctors and have busy schedules, but they are both committed to the relationship. Her husband is pretty smart to get some wise counsel from Mack Major and Dr. Robert Drummond. They helped keep him out of a lot of trouble.

We wonder how he felt about Kendra Segura of Married to Medicine Los Angeles cutting off her long locks. We did see him get upset about some of the other decisions she made. But this one looks really good, so maybe he’s okay with it.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Kendra Girl, You Look Good

Dr. Kendra Segura posted a photo of her new hairstyle and fans of Married to Medicine are loving it. She looks very sassy and very much like she is ready to hit the runway. But there’s more behind her hair chop than just wanting to look cute.

Kendra says that her hair started to fall out after having her baby. Usually, it happens around three months after having a baby, but she said that hers happened around nine months after having her baby. So, the natural reaction is to go ahead and chop it off.

Now she’s focusing on getting hair vitamins and getting more protein into her diet. Thankfully, Kendra Segura does know what to do to take care of her body since she is a doctor. A lot of fans started posting their recommended remedies for her.

Married to Medicine: Kendra Segura

Married to Medicine LA: The Ladies Are Still Going Strong

We’re through the last episode of Married to Medicine Los Angeles for this season but that doesn’t mean the drama will stop. There’s still plenty going on with all of the ladies on the show. Kendra and Dr. Britten Cole have been making videos together and keeping busy.

There are a lot of things that are different for the doctors now that COVID-19 is going wild. All Married to Medicine fans are hoping they are all keeping safe during this difficult time. It does look like they are able to still go to work and come back home to their families.

Fans are asking if Kendra is going to be back on the next season of Married to Medicine, but we don’t have any official word on that yet.

Married to Medicine drama just keeps coming. Stick with Soap Dirt for more.