‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson Hassles Kendra Over Diet – Snatches Away Food

Married to Medicine Los AngelesJazmin Johnson is under fire from friends. Now, she’s helping Kendra Segura with her diet — but did she go too far? When Jazmin put her hands on Kendra’s food, did she cross a line?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Diet Is a Way of Life – Per Jazmin Johnson

If you’ve been watching Jazmin Johnson on Married to Medicine Los Angeles, you’ve seen her do some pretty extreme things. As far as her body goes, she doesn’t hold back. She wants to make sure that she looks amazing all of the time. And part of that is her diet—which she says is a lifestyle.

Some of the things you’ll hear Jazmin Johnson say are things like, “Does this have any seasoning on it?” or things like, “I just want a little bit.” And when she says a little bit — she means it. When Jazmin on Married to Medicine Los Angeles went out with Dr. Imani Walker for gelato, she used a taster cup she ordered online. Jazmin Johnson said if she wants to have a body like that, the tiny taster cups are mandatory.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Kendra Asks for Diet Help

We’ve seen Kendra of Married to Medicine on the show saying she doesn’t feel like herself. Kendra wants to go back to work, look good, and get back to normal life. So, what did she do? She asked Jazmin Johnson to help her get her body back. Kendra was once very athletic and fit. So, she’s no stranger to what she needs to do to make it happen.

Jazmin came to Kendra’s house to help out. There, she found everything from snack foods to takeout Chinese food. These triggered Jazmin from M2M LA into a fit. So, she told Kendra that she couldn’t have both. But that isn’t what is freaking out fans. What’s freaking out fans is that Jazmin physically took some cornbread away from Kendra at Shanique Drummond’s birthday party on Married to Medicine.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Kendra Segura

Married to Medicine Los Angeles Turns Up the Drama

Jazmin Johnson gets flack about her diet choices all the time. But even Shanique throws weird looks her way when she grabs Kendra’s cornbread off her plate. Married to Medicine Los Angeles, on Bravo Sunday nights at 8 pm, is bringing the drama. Kendra said she thought Jazmin was coming over to grab some napkins. Then, she was stunned when Jazmin asked for the carb-packed food from her plate.

While everyone freaks out over what Jazmin did, we do have to keep in mind that Kendra wants help and knows she can’t do it on her own. She is looking amazing – as you can see above in her pic with Dr. Britten Cole and another friend. While we watch the rest of the season, we will see how far Jazmin Johnson takes it with her own extreme diet – and her friend’s.

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