‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson – How Does She Make Money?

Married to Medicine’s Jazmin Johnson has had to defend her secrecy. The biggest thing she’s kept from everyone is her husband. We know who he is, but he’s virtually a ghost. He’s not on the show and he’s barely ever in her photos. This leaves people wondering not only what he does, but also how Jazmin makes money.

Married to Medicine: A Day In the Life of Jazmin Johnson

On Married to Medicine that airs Sunday nights at 9 on Bravo, we don’t get to see much behind the scenes with Jazmin Johnson. Even the ladies on the show say they don’t feel like they know her. Recently she and Lia Dias started working on letting things go and being nicer to each other. But what does a day with Jazmin Johnson look like?

From what we know, Jazmin does take care of her son, but she also has her own business and helps her husband and his practice. Since her husband. Dr. Gadson Johnson, is a psychiatrist, many  people wonder what she does at his office to help out. His office is in Santa Monica, California close to the beach. And with the tight lippedness around the matter, some fans of Married to Medicine think her husband is a psychiatrist to the stars.

Is Jazmin spending her time helping her husband usher in stars with those Bentleys they have in their driveway? Those Bentleys might not be there for long since they are selling their mansion (for a hefty profit). Fans remember the one that Dr. Imani Walker called a drug dealer house. But the house is a normal (for the area) multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. It seems like a day with Jazmin is filled with patients, kids, and fancy cars.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

If It’s the Lifestyle You Want – You’ve Got It

On a recent episode of Married to Medicine, you see Jazmin wearing her LS logo. Lia wasn’t happy about it, but she didn’t say she meant a clothes designer logo. What was the LS for on Jazmin’s shirt? The LS was for her business The Lifestyle Concierge.

The beautiful property that the ladies from Married to Medicine Atlanta stayed in when they came to visit LA is part of her luxury experience. People can rent the luxury property that overlooks Los Angeles. Many people rent it for photoshoots and other projects. Some people just want to stay there for a fancy staycation now during the lockdown.

It’s not only the luxury property that the business has to offer. In fact, this Married to Medicine business lady has a lot to offer if you want any part of the luxury life, their motto is they can get you the luxury lifestyle for less. How do they do this? Jazmin shared that she has some angel investors that helped her get fleets of luxury vehicles from Lamborghinis to Rolls Royce Ghosts. She says that she and her team will be happy to create the dream lifestyle their clients want vs. trying to push their vision on the client.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine: Real Estate Investing and Smart Moves

Jazmin Johnson continues to have a hard time on the show. People can’t let it go that her husband doesn’t want to be on the show. She even said that she wishes he would come on the show. But said that he doesn’t want to. Some Married to Medicine viewers don’t think she should be able to afford all of the things that she has.

But it’s obvious she’s making some smart moves. She’s also talked about her real estate ventures. Public records viewed by Soap Dirt shows that she has a knack for buying expensive real estate and selling it later for huge profits. So, much of her money comes from sources other than her husband Gadson’s work.

Besides his practice, he also spends time helping out at a clinic that provides mental health care for free to the community. This same company is affiliated with a non-profit foundation that provides urgent care mental help to the local people of LA. Whatever is happening and whoever is making the money, it doesn’t look like they are hurting for cash at all.

Jazmin Johnson has multiple irons in the fire. Besides for her real estate and her concierge business, she also has a fitness coaching business and sells health books online. She has many ways to make money. But it seems like her luxury concierge and real estate businesses are bringing in the most of her money.

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