‘Married to Medicine LA’: Fans Say Jazmin Johnson Has Eating Disorder

Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ Jazmin Johnson is a fitness fanatic. She even admits that, but some fans say she has an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are very serious things. And since the star of the hit Bravo show isn’t in the online groups, she can’t defend herself.

Married to Medicine: How Jazmin Johnson Got Started With Fitness

With the hurtful comments coming from fans, Jazmin Johnson decided to off social media for a while. There were a lot of harsh things said in the comments. Many of those comments went along the lines of Jazmin from Married to Medicine showing an unrealistic body image. Other fans defended her saying that if she could do it, it’s obviously realistic.

Recently she revealed how she got into fitness. Jazmin Johnson said it was when she met her husband Gadson Johnson. He was very into fitness and would spend 1 to 2 hours per day in the gym. Honestly, no one chimed in on that fact. And it seems like most people think it is absolutely normal for a man to do that. But, they don’t think it’s okay for his wife to do that.

Jazmin Johnson from Married to Medicine that airs Sunday nights at 9 pm on Bravo went on to say that the couple would work out with each other. But now they work out separately and she has her own trainer and nutritionist. If they are on vacation, they do work out together. But she likes to have her own thing going on and doesn’t like him to train her.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

Love and Marriage Lead to an Eating Disorder?

What is it that fans think is so strange that Jazmin does? One of the biggest things people point out is that Jazmin Johnson rarely eats when she is with everyone. And if she does eat, it’s almost always egg whites. Or she will ask for food without seasoning on it. Another major eyebrow-raiser was when she brought tasting cups out to get gelato with Married to Medicine‘s Imani Walker. And if that wasn’t enough, she also checked her blood to see how it was doing after eating her tiny serving of ice cream.

It is obvious on Married to Medicine that Jazmin Johnson pays attention to what she eats down to every little detail. And Jazmin loves flaunting her hard work in the gym and her control for eating. But did her marriage and his influence cause an eating disorder? The general agreement is—probably not. There are plenty of athletes that also have to be on very specific diets. And if she is working with a nutritionist and trainer, their licenses and certifications are on the line.

Eating disorders are very serious. We’ve seen them on other Bravo shows and many people are very open about what’s going on. Jazmin Johnson of Married to Medicine does not believe she has a problem and in fact, backs that up with the food she eats on a daily basis. Jazmin even put out a diet recommendation book that gave plentiful servings, but servings of the right things.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine: It’s All About the Protein for Jazmin

Jazmin Johnson on Married to Medicine LA shared that it is all about the protein. She said that when she wakes up in the morning, she usually has an egg white omelet. Jazmin Johnson eats around every 2-3 hours to make sure her blood sugar is always just right because she wants to constantly be in a fat-burning stage. You might remember when she was riding with her good friend Shanique Drummond. She was looking at places to eat and Shanique said, “Girl! You just ate!”

It’s obvious that she eats frequently but just not as big of portions. When Jazmin Johnson brought Kendra Segura her diet food, she brought her multiple containers of small servings. People are giving her a rough time because she doesn’t veg out, but ultimately, if she is healthy—how is she hurting herself?

While it might be a little overboard to take the cornbread away from Kendra in front of all their friends, the truth is that Kendra asked for her help. Some fans agree while others are mad about what they see as a major overstep.

But what seems clear is that Jazmin works very hard to keep her tone shape.  It’s a lot of work and sacrifice (and isn’t for everyone), but it’s definitely not an eating disorder.

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