‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson Share Inside Scoop

Married to Medicine‘s Jazmin Johnson is sharing inside dirt about what she learned by being on the TV show. We’ve seen her get into quite a few arguments. But she’s played a lot of things down. Now that the season finale is over, fans wonder how she really feels.

Married to Medicine: It’s No Longer Your Business According to Jazmin Johnson

Jazmin Johnson says that when you decide to go on reality TV, it’s not your business anymore. We all know how much everyone is pushing to find out more about her husband. Everyone wants to meet her husband, Dr. Gadson Johnson, but it’s still a no-go. While you see him in a few photos with her, you’re not going to see much else.

In the first season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that airs on Bravo Sunday nights at 9 pm, we saw that Jazmin Johnson was upset about the long life of internet articles. She showed a news post about her house and was upset at Dr. Imani Walker for making people think that her home was a drug dealer’s house. The article shown on the episode was a Soap Dirt News post.

Jazmin also went on to say that nothing feels better than ownership. It seems like she might be giving a little jab saying she didn’t enjoy being on Married to Medicine as much as doing her own thing.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

Finding Yourself on Reality Television

Another thing Jazmin Johnson said she learned from being on the show Married to Medicine was that you need to know yourself. She said she had to find herself a few times. There was a lot going on with the show, so fans are having a hard time figuring out which incidents she’s talking about. Some fans think she was talking about when people were trying to make her the villain with Dr. Kendra Segura.

Or it could have been more references about her home life with her husband and son. Everyone is trying to get her to open up, but it doesn’t seem like that is something she wants.

In fact, it almost sounds like Jazmin is getting ready to say goodbye to Married to Medicine reality show life. Have two seasons of the show been enough for Jazmin? Did she have a two-season contract, and she’s been biding her time until she gets off the show?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine: Not Everybody Is for You

Not everybody is for you if you’re listening to Jazmin. We know she had major issues with Dr. Imani over the drug house comment. And she had some serious words with Lia Dias. Maybe those people are the ones she is talking about.

She did put friends in quotation marks, so maybe she is including more ladies in “friends” than we know. She says you shouldn’t expect some sort of normal from those you meet. Jazmin of Married to Medicine goes on to say that friends don’t judge, but they try to understand.

If it is that case that friends don’t judge, many fans wonder why she was giving Dr. Britten Cole such a hard time for having her son in the bed with her. It seems it’s okay for some people to judge. But not Jazmin’s friends.

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