‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson Shows Underboob

Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ Jazmin Johnson loves living in the limelight. Fans are used to seeing a lot of her body. But recently she showed some underboob. Or maybe she didn’t even notice.

Married to Medicine LA: Working It With Jazmin Johnson

If you’ve seen many of her photos, you know she’s always on. Jazmin Johnson of Married to Medicine LA that airs on Bravo on Sunday nights at 9 pm is all about getting her image out there and building her brand. She has a lot of things going on as far as work. But she also loves inspiring other people with her fitness journey.

However, some of the fans recently accused Jazmin of having an eating disorder. A look at her eating habits shows that she is extremely conscious about what she eats. But, she does eat enough and works out daily. The Married to Medicine star eats plenty of calories and it’s all healthy.

Jazmin Johnson is used to getting a lot of pushback. If you watch the show, you know fans were upset because of the incident with Dr. Kendra Segura. They asked “Who takes cornbread away from people in front of their friends?” – Jazmin does.  It should be noted that Kendra asked for Jazmin’s help to eat healthy and she takes eating healthy very seriously.

Even though this Married to Medicine celebrity gets a lot of backlash, she always gets a lot of people cheering her on. There are always people asking her how she gets her body. And they want to do it too.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

It’s Time for Underboob

It’s not uncommon for Married to Medicine ladies to show a little skin—or a lot. And Jazmin Johnson is one of the ones that is most likely to put it all out there. But today, we got a little view of the underboob. She posted a photo showing off her abs. But the boob made it in the picture too.

It’s no secret that she has implants. But according to Dr. Imani Walker, that’s what you do when you live in Los Angeles. Dr. Noelle Reid laughed at Imani in the first season because Imani said she was about to pay off her breasts. Noelle said, “Wait. What? You got your boobs on layaway?”

Who knows if we’ll see more underboob. It’s gone from social media now, so maybe she saw she was showing off a little more than normal.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine Heats Up

If you think the season is hot so far with the drama between Jazmin and Lia of Married to Medicine, there’s plenty more to come. There’s likely to be more drama between those two. But what’s going to happen with Shanique and Lia? Will this drama come between Jazmin and Shanique?

We’re likely to see more about Imani and her relationship. Recently Jazmin shared that she and Imani of Married to Medicine are still working on their relationship. It seems like she is one of the most difficult to get to know.

It also seems like Jazmin and her husband Dr. Gadson Johnson had a pregnancy scare. She said not to worry though because they are not having a baby.

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