‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Why Is Jazmin Johnson Hiding Her Husband?

Married to Medicine‘s Jazmin Johnson has been hiding her husband for two seasons. Do we get to see her husband on the season finale of the show? Of course, not. But we do have some photos of him.

Married to Medicine LA: A Christmas Party at Jazmin Johnson’s House

When Jazmin Johnson of Married to Medicine LA‘s said she was having a party at her house, everyone thought they were going to get to meet her man. Who hosts a party at their house and doesn’t have their partner there? Well, apparently Jazmin from Married to Medicine does.

The ladies were not being quiet about the fact that they thought it was sketchy that Dr. Gadson Johnson wasn’t down at his own party. Even though he was supposed to be upstairs, he didn’t come down and see anyone.

Everyone thought since it was the season finale of Married to Medicine, that we were going to get to see her doctor husband. But that isn’t the case. Dr. Kendra Segura even tried to go up the stairs and see if he was up there. And doctor’s wife Lia Dias tried to yell for him to come down.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

Does Jazmin Really Have a Husband?

Dr. Imani Walker of Married to Medicine said a few times that she thinks he’s a cardboard cut out. She said all of his photos look the same. Some people are asking whether she has a husband at all. But that is a little strange for Lia to say since we’ve never seen her husband before either. Yes, it is true that Imani knows him, but Shanique Drummond knows Jazmin’s husband, so why is it okay for one and not the other?

Many fans of Married to Medicine don’t think Lia or Jazmin should be on the show. Neither of them allows fans to see their private lives. And why call the show Married to Medicine if they aren’t showing their marriage?

At least Imani is a Dr., so even though she is divorcing, it still makes sense to have her on the show. So, will Jazmin Johnson and Lia Dias still be on the show next season? It’s likely they will still be on because people like to see them on the show. But there is no confirmation they will continue with Married to Medicine Los Angeles that airs Sunday nights on Bravo at 9 pm.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

What’s to Come on the Next Season of ‘Married to Medicine’?

There’s going to be a lot of changes when it comes to what’s happening in Married to Medicine cast member Jazmin Johnson’s life by the next time the show airs. Jazmin is focusing on building her luxury concierge business. And Jazmin Johnson is building her fitness coaching business as well. We see videos and photos of Jazmin’s son, but we still don’t see much of anything from her husband Gadson.

Many think the only reason she wants to be on the show is to get attention for her husband. Every chance she gets she puts her brand LS up on the screen in hopes of getting new clients from the exposure on the show.

As far as seeing Jazmin Johnson’s husband, we’re going to say that’s going to be a no. Even though Jazmin said she would like him to be at some of the events, it’s unlikely he’s going to make it even if she is on the show again.

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