‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson Rare Husband Gadson Johnson Photo

Jazmin Johnson of Married to Medicine Los Angeles gets a lot of flack because her husband Dr. Gadson Johnson doesn’t come on the show. In fact, she doesn’t really ever post any photos of the two of them. Married to Medicine viewers get to see her and her son, but there’s not really any mention of him. Well, besides for saying hubby this and hubby that. On Father’s day, she decided to change that up a little bit.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson Keeps Her Hubby Dr. Gadson Johnson Under Wraps

We’ve seen many times throughout the show that Jazmin Johnson from show Married to Medicine does not want to talk about Dr. Gadson Johnson, her husband. Some of the women said it was shady that she doesn’t talk about him. Dr. Imani Walker even went so far as to say that Jazmin lives in a drug dealer house. Why? Because it was big and didn’t have a lot of furniture according to Imani. But, Soap Dirt has seen pictures of the inside. It is very tastefully decorated and inline with other mansions in Beverly Hills.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

The house issue was enough to keep fans buzzing all first season. And it carried on over to the next season, but it is calming down quite a lot. Even still, you won’t see Jazmin’s husband and father of their son Gadson Johnson on the show. Fans are curious as to why she is hiding him. But maybe it is purely because he doesn’t want to be a part of the drama. Many doctor’s clients want to make sure everything is kept secret.

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Could behind the scenes Gadson from the TV series Married to Medicine that airs on Bravo Sunday nights at 9 pm be a psychiatrist to the stars that don’t want their business aired to the public? Either way, every time Jazmin talks about him, she seems very in love and doesn’t let everyone giving her a rough time upset her.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

Happy Father’s Day to Gadson Johnson

Though the post from Jazmin Johnson from Married to Medicine wasn’t super long, it was still sweet. Some fans thought it was a little weird that she would choose a picture where she was making such a strange face. Even in the caption, she said to ignore her face. Photos are hard with young children.

In the caption, Jazmin said that Gadson, her husband, is a blessing, thanked him, and said she loved him. Fans were excited to see a photo of Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Gadson Johnson but they couldn’t comment on the photo. She turned the comments off for this photo. Not long after she shared that she was going to be taking a break from social media because people were being nasty.

Despite the fact that Jazmin of Married to Medicine LA was enjoying a great Father’s day with her son and husband, it seems haters were still at their keyboards. People can’t get over her eating habits. And they are giving her a hard time over the Kendra Segura and cornbread incident. And let’s not forget about the sangria she didn’t want her to drink either.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson - Gadson Johnson

Is an Appearance on Married to Medicine In Order?

The Los Angeles crew of Married to Medicine seems to want Gadson to make an appearance. They aren’t giving her as hard of time now as they did in the beginning. But it is obvious they still find it a little odd that he doesn’t have anything to do with it. Jazmin Johnson isn’t letting that stop her from getting her 15 minutes of fame. From her devil’s custom at the Halloween event down to the tiny bikinis, she is ready to get as much attention as possible.

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Gadson Johnson is obviously very fit like Jazmin is. Fans can’t help but wonder if Gadson eats a lot like his wife Jazmin. Other fans counter that he doesn’t because he has his own fridge that Shanique is always raiding. Remember all the leftovers from the hubby?

There’s still hope that we might get to meet Married to Medicine mystery man. Viewers hope they do a big surprise reveal and introduction at some point. The season continues without her husband. But at least we got to see a picture with the cute family together.

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