‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson’s “Drug House”

Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ cast member Jazmin Johnson says the internet never dies. She’s talking about people looking for her “drug dealer house” because of what Dr. Imani Walker said. What she said is that the house looks like a drug house. But did she really mean it like that?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson On Fire Over “Drug Dealer House” Comment

If fans of Married to Medicine Los Angeles thought they saw the last of the Jazmin Johnson drug dealer house drama—think again. This season, there’s even more fire going on over the issue. Jazmin is upset because when people Google her name one of the first things they see is that people talking about her “drug dealer house”.

On the first episode of season 2, Jazmin Johnson is at her computer and searches her own name on Google. One of the first results is a Soap Dirt article about Jazmin and her husband, Dr Gadson Johnson.

Married to Medicine: Jazmin Johnson

In our article (which you can read here), we included a video of Dr. Imani Walker saying that Jazmin’s home looks like what a drug dealer would buy.

Is Jazmin’s Home Really the type of House a Drug Dealer would Own?

Jazmin Johnson’s Beverly Hills mansion is very typical of what you find in the area. Soap Dirt has seen pictures of the inside and it’s very elegant.  Jazmin and her husband put $1.8 million dollars down on the home and took out a $4.2 million dollar mortgage to buy the home. The mortgage is very much within range of what a successful psychiatrist in the area can afford.

The down-payment for the multi-million dollar home probably came from the sale of a previous property and savings. A look at public records shows that Jazmin and hubby Dr Gadson Johnson have owned million dollar homes in the past. It seems they are smart real estate investors and have been working their way up over the years buying and selling real estate a profit.

When asked about the “drug dealer house” comment, Dr. Imani said that she was saying it in jest. And then she said that it looked like the houses of people she knew were dealing drugs. It seems like there is a little bit of back peddling going on here and maybe we aren’t getting the whole story.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles - Jazmin Johnson

Is Dr. Imani a Hypocrite?

Now on Married to Medicine Los Angeles it looks like Dr. Imani is going to experience some major backlash after the comment on Jazmin’s house. And it’s not just going to be one or two episodes. No one is going to let her live it down when they find out her husband is in Oklahoma on a weed farm.

Dr. Britten Cole told her to look out because there was going to be a lot of backlash. Even though she keeps telling people her husband is out of town working on a health and wellness business, people are still talking. Some people think her husband is cheating and others think they’ve already split up from their 6-year marriage.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles - Jazmin Johnson

Who Is Going to Throw Down In the 2nd Season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles

This season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that comes on Bravo Sundays at 9 pm has plenty of fights. Whether it’s between Imani and Jazmin Johnson or Heavenly and pretty much everyone else, you can expect to see more drama. No one took it well when Jazmin inferred that her success was higher than the other lady’s success. But Imani took it especially hard because it was directed at her.

Who is going to play nice? And who is going to take out the earrings in the upcoming episodes? What everyone can agree on is that Jazmin’s house is definitely gorgeous and does cost a pretty penny.

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