‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Jazmin Johnson’s Hot Body – How Does She Do It?

Married to Medicine Los AngelesJazmin Johnson is a hot topic because of her great shape. Many want a body as toned and beautiful as her, and wonder how she does it? It can’t be just because she doesn’t eat a lot at functions. So, what is her secret?

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: It’s a Lifestyle Says Jazmin Johnson

Jazmin Johnson, from Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ second season, has said “Diet, it’s a lifestyle.” That comment came when Jazmin was turning down the food she knew she shouldn’t eat if she wants to keep that body.

Even though Jazmin has an amazing body, some wonder if she needs to be that overboard with her food. Dr. Imani Walker from the show is also very fit. But it doesn’t look like she says no to many of the same foods Jazmin gives the X to.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Fitness Coaching and Real Estate

Jazmin Johnson from Married to Medicine Los Angeles that airs on Bravo Sunday nights at 9 pm keeps herself busy with her fitness coaching, real estate, and family life. We see on the show that she takes time out to get a workout in. But what are her secrets? How does she keep her body toned, her skin glowing and her hair so gorgeous?

One of the things she said recently is that she spends time deep conditioning her hair. She also shared that she focuses a lot on nutrition. Ezekial bread is one of her secrets and she eats a lot of sandwich wraps. She keeps the carbs low, the protein high, and gets her workouts in.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Jazmin Johnson

Married to Medicine Los Angeles’ Tips for Hotness

Jazmin Johnson shared with fans of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that one of her biggest secrets is meal prep. No matter what protein she ends up having for her meal she said she can always pair it with veggies. She shared photos of some delicious looking onions, peppers, and spinach nicely portioned off.

Many of the other doctors on the show don’t seem to pay as much attention to nutrition. But Jazmin is always on and making sure she doesn’t eat the wrong thing. It has actually been one of the things people talk about her for. Her friends on one of the episodes did say they were glad that she didn’t push her lifestyle and choices on them. They acted like it was a little weird when she asked for egg whites when they went out to eat.

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