‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Reveals New Man – See Derek’s Replacement

Married at First Sight spouse Katie Conrad has a new man after calling it quits with Derek Sherman. The mental health professional got a lot of flak this season from MAFS fans following the way things ended with Derek – especially after the reunion show. Who is Derek’s replacement?

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman Call it Quits

Despite staying married on Decision Day, Katie Conrad and match Derek Sherman split before the reunion show. Katie revealed she slept with her ex as things deteriorated with Derek. And, she even grabbed drinks with fellow MAFS cast member Zach Justice.

Meanwhile, Katie Conrad felt Derek Sherman wasn’t on the same page she was. And, despite early chemistry and “fire” right out of the gate, things quickly fizzled out for the pair and they never recovered. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of sympathy among fans for Derek. And, Katie received a lot of backlash following the reunion special.

Katie Conrad said she is so “misunderstood” based on Married at First Sight editing. In addition, she said there were things that happened behind the scenes that she chose not to talk about on camera. Meanwhile, she said the MAFS experience showed her what she wants and needs in a relationship.

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MAFS: Who is Katie’s New Man?

Turns out Katie Conrad has Derek Sherman in her rearview. And, that’s largely due to the new man in her life. Interestingly, Katie met Derek Sherman’s replacement on Hinge. It’s the same dating app Married at First Sight cast member Amber Bowles used to find her beau after her disastrous marriage to Matt Gwynne. In addition, Katie’s advice to anyone wanting to be on Married at First Sight is to use dating apps instead.

Hinge markets itself as a dating app that offers meaningful connections – with users looking for serious relationships. And, that landed her Air Force captain Brandon Eaves. Katie said recently that she lacked the “emotional connection” she needed with Derek Sherman. And, at least early on, it looks like her new beau checks that box for her.

Married at First Sight - Katie Conrad - Brandon Eaves

Will Married at First Sight Wife Marry New Boyfriend?

According to Katie Conrad, she met Brandon after her time on Married at First Sight. And, even though they haven’t been together long, many MAFS fans want to know if she considers marriage an option with him. She said “maybe” when asked directly about marriage. But, it seems she’s in no rush after everything that went down with Derek Sherman.

In terms of how her new man compares to Derek Sherman, Katie said they “relate more” and are “on the same page”. Katie not on the same page with Derek was a huge issue in their relationship on the Lifetime show. She felt he was not where she needed him to be. And, at least for now, it looks like she found that with her new boyfriend.

But, even though things ended in a split for Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad, she doesn’t hold a grudge. The claws came out between them during the Married at First Sight reunion special. But, it looks like they’re in a civil place now.

She said they communicate about “divorce stuff” and exchange small talk. And, she added that she’d like to be friends at some point after they both “heal”. Whether or not they can be friends after what they went through is certainly worth keeping an eye on – along with how Katie’s new relationship progresses.

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