‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad too Abrasive for Derek as Decision Day Approaches?

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal husband and wife Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad need to decide whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. Is she too abrasive for her husband? It’s crunch time for the MAFS couples as Decision Day approaches. And, this pair still have a number of things to iron out before the big decision. What else do teaser clips reveal?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Derek Sherman & Katie Reeling from Recent Fight

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal things are rough for Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad following their most recent fight. The good time at the couples’ retreat turned sour when Katie accused her husband of flirting with the other wives. Katie feels Derek doesn’t give her enough attention. And, she lashes out at him when she doesn’t get her way.

With Decision Day approaching, Derek Sherman and wife Katie Conrad have to decide if the two want to divorce or stay married. Katie sees a lot of “red flags”. And, even Derek has doubts about staying with his wife. So, there’s a lot to consider leading up to the big day.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad

MAFS: Katie Conrad Too Abrasive for Derek Sherman?

Katie Conrad knows she’s a lot to handle on Married at First Sight. And, she feels it’s up to her husband to step up to the plate and do that. She often throws a fit when things don’t go her way. And, the fight between them in the previous episode is an example of that. Meanwhile, Married at First Sight spoilers say Katie doesn’t feel “connected” to Derek. And, that’s not a good sign heading into Decision Day.

Married at First Sight spoilers report that even Katie Conrad’s dad feels she needs to check herself. Dante tells his daughter in MAFS teasers that marriage “takes some bending” on her side of things. Her father says he would be “scared” if he were Derek. And, he doesn’t want his daughter to ruin a good thing.

Do They Make it on Married at First Sight?

As previously reported on Soap Dirt, Derek Sherman and bride Katie Conrad stay together on Decision Day. But, leaks say they split before the MAFS reunion show. The pair seemed to have a lot of chemistry early on. But, it could be Katie was too much of a handful for Derek.

Derek Sherman says in Married at First Sight spoilers that he has a lot of dreams to follow. And, he doesn’t want his marriage to Katie Conrad to be “full of arguments”. Meanwhile, Katie has her own red flags when it comes to her husband. So, it’s possible it all became too much even though they do decide to stay together on Decision Day.

Derek Sherman said at the beginning of his Married at First Sight journey that he wanted this to be the first and only time he falls in love. But, he said later that it could take several months or a year to fall in love with Katie. That’s something Katie didn’t like as soon as she heard it. And, it looks like they never reach that point as a couple.

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