‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Cheating Led to Split with Derek Sherman?

Married at First Sight duo Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad have an explosive confrontation at the reunion taping – did her cheating lead to their split? The duo said yes on Decision Day. And, a lot of Married at First Sight watchers thought they might make it. But, did lingering issues with Katie’s ex ruin their marriage?

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Hung Up on Her Ex

Even before Katie Conrad walked down the aisle on Married at First Sight, there were lingering concerns with her ex. And, there were concerns that the baggage from that would negatively impact her marriage to Derek Sherman. Based on what went down at the reunion special, that definitely seems to be the case.

Katie Conrad said her ex didn’t want her to go through with the Married at First Sight process at all. Meanwhile, Derek Sherman felt like he was in a competition with her ex throughout filming. And, he didn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone. But, based on what went down, it looks like she ran back to her ex after all.

MAFS: Katie Cheats on Derek Sherman?

The claws come out on the Married at First Sight reunion show between the former couple. The pair both agree that the cheating wasn’t the only thing that led to them calling it quits. But, according to what Derek Sherman says, Katie cheated while they were still trying to work things out. So, that was a major red flag toward the end of their relationship.

Katie Conrad and former groom Derek Sherman agreed to see other people while still living together. But, both of them have conflicting timelines in terms of when everything went down. Katie feels stepping out on Derek Sherman with her ex fell within what they agreed to. But, according to Derek Sherman, that’s not the case.

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Explosive End for Married at First Sight Pair

Katie Conrad and ex Derek Sherman started out with the most chemistry right out of the gate on Married at First Sight. But, that spark quickly went out. And, things went downhill throughout the rest of the season. Meanwhile, that all comes to a head during the MAFS reunion show.

Katie Conrad says Derek Sherman is “literally crazy”. In addition, she calls him “fake”. But, based on what comes out on the show, it didn’t take long for Katie to go back to her ex after they allegedly agreed to “just be friends”. And, making things even more complicated, the pair agreed to a year-long lease where they live. So, that situation quickly turned ugly for the pair.

Despite having early chemistry this season on Married at First Sight, things ended in a big way for Derek Sherman and former bride Katie Conrad. And, after the back and forth at the reunion show, some MAFS fans think Katie should not have been on the show – particularly with issues with her ex lingering.

Meanwhile, a big roadblock on Derek’s end this season is the fact that he didn’t fall in love with Katie. And, she didn’t like it when he said it could take six months to a year for that to happen. But, based on how things end for the pair, they’ll have to try and find that with other people.

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