‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Derek Sherman’s Patience Tested with Katie on MAFS

Married at First Sight pair Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad decide to stay a couple on Decision Day. And, it’s a decision that surprises many MAFS watchers. The husband and wife have a number of huge fights during the season. And, Derek spoke with Soap Dirt and addressed some of the biggest questions prior to the big day. What did he reveal?

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman’s Patience Tested with Katie Conrad

Soap Dirt (SD): You get into some major fights on-camera on Married at First Sight. Is there anything you would do differently? What’s it like watching those scenes back?

Derek Sherman (DS): “Now that’s an understatement [Laughs]. But to be honest, I suppose I would have fought back a bit more, rather than constantly testing my patience and trying to resolve things peacefully. I believe despite my best efforts, my patience ultimately ended up being counterproductive at times”.

Married at First Sight watchers see patience wear thin on both sides this season on the show. The couple have some huge fights. And, many viewers didn’t think Derek and Katie would stay together on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman

MAFS: His Mindset Prior to Decision Day

SD: Describe your mindset on Married at First Sight heading into Decision Day

Derek Sherman: “Going into Decision Day, my mind is definitely in a weird place. With everything that Katie [Conrad] and I have been through there have definitely been good times, but it’s just been outweighed by so many arguments. I’m a firm believer that arguments are needed in a relationship to make progress, but I also grew up with my mom and dad arguing every single day. I watched as it tore them apart and I promised myself I would never allow that to happen to me”.

“However, I got Married At First Sight for a reason. To find love. So, I’ll be dammed if I don’t do everything to make this work. But, now it’s like I’m torn between my gut and my heart saying different things. Part of me doesn’t even believe it will work out. Even if we both said yes. But, part of me wonders if everything will be different if we remove all the pressure from the cameras. Those were the heaviest thoughts I had going into Decision Day”.

What Derek Wants Married at First Sight Fans to Know

SD: Is there anything you want Married at First Sight followers to know based on how you come across on camera?

Derek: “Honestly, there isn’t much. I believe the show did a fairly good job of accurately capturing everything within the time constraints they have while telling five couple’s stories”.

“However, if there was one thing, I suppose it would be that the only reason I ever wore a hat indoors (one-month anniversary and last meal before Decision Day) was because Katie [Conrad] asked me to since she said she liked me wearing my hat backwards out in public. I promise I’m not one of those guys that wears his hat indoors all the time [Laughs]”.

Derek Sherman won over a lot of viewers this season on Married at First Sight. Most comment on how genuine he is and what a nice guy he seems to be. And, even during the fights with Katie Conrad, many viewers feel Derek Sherman handles himself well. And, it’ll be interesting to see what he does next now that the season is in the books.

Catch Katie, Derek Sherman, and the rest of the couples on the Married at First Sight reunion show, Wednesday night on Lifetime.

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