‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Conrad Didn’t Really Have Feelings for Derek?

Married at First Sight spouse Katie Conrad was a villain in the eyes of many watchers during last season of the Lifetime matchmaking show with husband Derek Sherman. Things crashed and burned for the pair after getting off to a hot start. But, did Katie have feelings for her husband at all? What’s the scoop?

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad Not Feeling Derek Sherman?

On their season of Married at First Sight, Derek Sherman and bride Katie Conrad seemed to have the most chemistry early. They were intimate with one another rather quickly. And, they definitely got off to a fast start compared to the other married pairs on their season. But, based on what Katie recently revealed, it looks like the early spark wasn’t there after all.

According to Katie Conrad, there were “days and weeks” throughout the Married at First Sight filming process where she had to “convince” herself she had feelings for Derek Sherman. The way she tells it, she wanted things to work out “so badly”. And, it seems she forced things with her husband as a result.

MAFS: Derek Too Immature for Katie?

One of the things the pair really fought over during the Married at First Sight process was Derek’s big dreams. He has a lot of big ideas. And, there’s a child-like way he goes about them. Katie told her father flat-out on MAFS that Derek Sherman is a “boy”. And, she was adamant about wanting someone more mature.

Katie Conrad reiterated recently that Derek’s dreams are very “childish” and “unrealistic”. She also added that he’d make some of them “so important” while not actually pursuing anything seriously. Katie said that if she didn’t support his dreams, they would continue to clash. And, that’s exactly what happened for the pair following the initial honeymoon phase.

Katie Conrad revealed during the Married at First Sight reunion show that she cheated on Derek with her ex. And, even though they technically decided to stay married on Decision Day, they split by the time the reunion show filmed.

Another major issue Katie had with Derek was him saying it could take six months to a year for him to fall in love with her. But, based on how things ended for the pair, it’s clear that’s no longer a concern.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Brandon Eaves

Former Married at First Sight Pair Moving On?

Since calling it quits with Derek Sherman, Married at First Sight wife Katie Conrad moved on with a new man. Katie gets cozy with Air Force captain Brandon Eaves now. And, she made their relationship public over the last few weeks. Turns out, she even took a trip recently to meet his “mama” in Tennessee. So, it certainly looks like things are serious for the pair.

As for Derek Sherman, it doesn’t look like he sees anyone currently. He shares updates with friends and other Married at First Sight cast members from the most recent season. And, it genuinely looks like he lives his best life despite not finding forever on the Lifetime show.

So, even though things ended badly for the former bride and groom, it looks like they’re both in a better place now. And, it’s certainly worth watching what they do next.

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