‘Married at First Sight’: Derek and Taylor Dunklin Hook-Up After Show Ends?

Married at First Sight stars Taylor Dunklin and Derek Sherman are extra friendly in the most recent episode of MAFS. In addition, they are both broke up with the spouses after Married at First Sight ended. Many viewers note the chemistry they have during the couples’ retreat. Do the pair hook-up?

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman & Katie Conrad on the Rocks

There’s trouble in paradise for Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman. And, viewers see that come to a head in the most recent episode of Married at First Sight. Katie calls out Derek for flirting with the other wives. And, this leads to a huge fight for the pair with company in tow.

Katie feels like Derek doesn’t give her enough attention. And, she blames him for not initiating intimacy even though she turns him down. Both newlyweds are frustrated with the marriage. And, it certainly seems like things go downhill for the duo on Married at First Sight.

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MAFS: Taylor Dunklin & Brandon Reid Hang on by a Thread

Married at First Sight pair Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid also seem to be on their last leg relationship-wise. They both arrive to the couples’ getaway in a sour mood. And, Brandon stays outside with Michael Watson while everyone else enjoys dinner.

Despite re-committing to each other on Married at First Sight, both Taylor Dunklin and husband Brandon Reid seem over it. Meanwhile, Brandon regularly flips out on the production crew. And, Taylor doesn’t want to be around him when he gets that way.

Chemistry Between Derek Sherman & Taylor Dunklin on Married at First Sight?

Many Married at First Sight viewers note the way Derek Sherman and Taylor Dunklin get cozy on the most recent episode of the show. The pair are flirty and seem to enjoy their time together at the couples’ retreat. Derek Sherman offers to make Taylor Dunklin a drink. And, he does subtle things like put his hand on her shoulder during conversation.

On top of that, Derek Sherman sits next to Taylor at dinner. Derek’s wife, Kate Conrad, isn’t happy about it. The energy and chemistry between Taylor and Derek is noticeable. Perhaps it’s the result of both of them stuck in bad marriages. But, whatever the case may be, the chemistry between them is definitely there.

Do They Hook-Up?

As reported earlier on Soap Dirt, Married at First Sight couples Katie and Derek call it quits – along with Brandon and Taylor. So, there’s certainly a chance the duo hook-up. This wouldn’t be the first time MAFS cast members got intimate with another marriage hopeful from their season. In addition, cast members get together with stars from different seasons as well.

It’s possible this is nothing more than a bit of fun flirting between Taylor and Derek. But, it’s clear there’s chemistry between them – whether they act on it or not. And, since they both call it quits with their MAFS partners, it’s worth watching to see who they end up with next.

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