‘Married At First Sight’: Katie Drums Up Reasons to Dump Derek – His Torment’s Nearly Done

On Married At First Sight, it’s almost Decision Day and Katie Conrad’s prepping to say no to Derek Sherman after fighting at the retreat. Meka Jones finds new light after Michael Watson opens up. And, Taylor Dunklin gives Brandon Reid one last chance, but will he show? Plus, Jessica Studer annoys Austin Hurd complaining about his job. So, will any of these couples stay married on decision day? Let’s break down all the pros and cons of season 10 episode 15 Forever or Never. MAFS airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

Katie Conrad Saves a Turtle On Married at First Sight – But What About Her Marriage?

Derek Sherman and wife Katie Conrad leave the retreat and head to a final “date” that MAFS producers set up at a winery. On the way out Katie sees a turtle crossing the road and demands Derek pull over so she can “save it”. Katie wants to do it because ripping a wild animal out of its natural habitat is on her “bucket list”. Yet she thinks Derek’s a loser for wanting to pen a Christmas tune? Derek Sherman goes along because it’s the first time in days Katie Conrad isn’t screaming at him.

Next on Married At First Sight, Katie Conrad’s impressed by the view at the winery. She forgets she’s already married and says it would be a great place for a wedding (to someone else). Katie totally isn’t into Derek Sherman. And when he asks her about Decision Day, she says “he’ll find out”. Later, the turtle they named Cal must be released back into the wild – so he escapes Katie Conrad shaming him for his turtle dreams. Once she lets him go, he hauls turtle a*s without looking back. Derek Sherman should take note.

The couples chat with family and friends about Decision Day on Married At First Sight. The, Katie Conrad tells her dad that Derek Sherman’s a great guy but maybe not “the guy”. Her dad ask her if she’s been “amped up” the whole time which is code for “acting like a b*tch”. Later Katie Conrad and still-husband Derek Sherman spend their last night at The Melting Pot. If that’s not depressing enough, Derek gives Katie a “Bucket List” book. Since Katie Conrad all but told him she’s saying no, the writing’s on the wall for Derek Sherman, if not in the book.

Michael Comes Clean To Meka On Married At First Sight

Meka Jones is still salty over Michael Watson’s behavior at the retreat. He bonded more with Brandon than his bride. Michael tells Meka she was insensitive over the death of his uncle. Meka admits she could’ve handled it better. Michael uses the words capitulate and compromise in the same sentence. He pauses to marvel at himself. These two are like watching paint dry. They have absolutely no chemistry.

However, the two go on a date before the big deciding day on Married At First Sight. Meka asks why Michael has been hanging around the house so much. Remember, this is pre-quarantine. Michael admits he put in his two-weeks notice at work. Meka the mathlete says this makes the third job in two months — not including his stint as a fake yoga instructor. Michael says he really cares for Meka and she is his priority.

Meka actually falls for this and softens on Married At First Sight. She sips tequila and Sprite and asks him what her favorite non-alcoholic drink is. He says water. The fun never stops with these two. Meka reminds him of her love for Gatorade and wrongly guesses his favorite drink. Later, in bed, Michael says it will be their last night together. Meka asks what that means. It seems things are a foregone conclusion with these two on MAFS.

Taylor’s Friends Tell Her To Dump Man-Child Brandon

On this episode of Married At First Sight, we only see grainy security camera footage of Brandon Reid. In one clip, he and Taylor Dunklin cuddle on the couch. As confused alpha dog Tyson looks on with glowing eyes. It’s all just creepy. And childish — as Taylor’s friends point out when she meets with them. They think Brandon is a child in a man’s body. And that she’s nuts for even considering staying with him.

Later, we see more grainy Married At First Sight footage to prove Brandon was back in the apartment. But he’s gone again as Taylor packs her stuff. She says she doesn’t know if he’ll show since he’s impulsive and unpredictable (and moody and childish). In the other room, canine Tyson rests after successfully humping that crazy dude out of the apartment. The rest is up to Taylor. And we know the deal. She didn’t make that “single girl” video for nothing.

Jessica Needs To Let It Go On Married At First Sight

Jessica Studer and hubby Austin Hurd coasted compared to the others. Of course, this makes for boring TV so the two get into a tiff on their final night. Jess tells her twin that Austin traveling for work is a deal breaker. Because that way she can’t control his bedtime. Over a nice dinner, she brings it up yet again and Austin is visibly annoyed. He just wants to eat his steak frites and stay up past 8 PM.

The Married At First Sight golden couple head home and Jessica asks Austin what’s wrong. He explains it’s his job — and it comes with travel. He doesn’t understand why she can’t accept that. And mentions to producers that the constant togetherness could get old. He still doesn’t feel ready to say the L-word either. Austin dreams of nights at the Executive Inn where he can eat Cheetos and jump on the bed at 10:00 PM.

Next up it’s the day they all decide but it’s pretty easy to guess what’s what this season. Be sure to watch Wednesday at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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