‘Married at First Sight’ Exclusive: Katie Conrad Dishes on Derek and Her MAFS Edit

Married at First Sight pair Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman have some major ups and downs this season on the Lifetime show. There are some roadblocks for this couple despite instant sparks early on. SD caught up with Katie for an exclusive interview following the Decision Day episode. What does she reveal?

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad’s Frame of Mind Heading into Decision Day

Soap Dirt (SD): Describe your mindset ahead of Decision Day on Married at First Sight.

Katie Conrad (KC): “Going into Decision Day I was really torn between my true feelings and wanting to give it more time to be sure. I knew I didn’t feel about Derek the way I wanted to in a relationship or marriage, but I also didn’t feel like eight weeks was long enough to be sure”.

Eight weeks isn’t a lot of time for the Married at First Sight experiment. And, some people definitely need more time. Katie Conrad doesn’t like that Derek Sherman isn’t where she feels he needs to be. And, that definitely factors on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight: Katie Conrad - Derek Sherman

MAFS: What Katie Conrad Would Do Differently with Derek Sherman

SD: You get into some huge fights on-camera on Married at First Sight. Is there anything you would do differently? What’s it like watching those scenes back?

Katie: “Watching some of the arguments back, I wish I’d controlled my frustration better. Only I know what I was thinking and feeling. I let the pressure of the experiment and the cameras, and desperately wanting things to work out and be good with Derek [Sherman] get the best of me in the worst way”.

“There were also so many things discussed and done between Derek [Sherman] and I that we chose to keep private from the cameras. Looking back, I wish I had brought those things to light more so I would be more understood by [Married at First Sight] viewers”.

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What Katie Wants Married at First Sight Followers to Know

SD: Is there anything you want MAFS fans to know based on how you come across this season?

Katie Conrad: “I went into this with good intentions and worked towards a successful marriage. There were many times during filming that I felt like Derek [Sherman] was only saying the right things on camera which made me extremely frustrated. And, I think that led to me being portrayed as mean and harsh”.

“But really I was just trying to be real even if that meant being brutally honest. Marrying a stranger is already hard enough but the added pressure of filming and having to deal with different personalities on and off camera from your spouse is even more challenging than I expected. I had to stay true to myself and what would make me happy in the long run”.

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