‘Married at First Sight’: Meet Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad & Other Season 10 Spouses

Married at First Sight is back with all-new couples including Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman. And, that means fresh pairs for viewers to dig into. Along with the returning experts, a new crop of couples means fresh drama along the way. Whether or not these couples stick it out or call it quits is always an unknown heading into every season. Do these couples have a shot at finding happily ever after?

Married at First Sight: Meet the New Pairs

31-year-old nurse Jessica Studer is hoping to find her forever with husband Austin Hurd on Married at First Sight. Also 31, Austin is the “nice guy” among women he’s dated in the past. And, it seems he’s hoping to shed that stigma and build something with his new wife. Meanwhile, Jessica Studer is the last in her family to walk down the aisle. So, it will be worth watching to see if they make it in the end.

Brandon Reid has come back from some major setbacks in life. He was injured on the basketball court and in a car accident. Meanwhile, his new spouse Taylor Dunklin battled her own struggles before this season of Married at First Sight. But, going through a bad breakup last year didn’t squash her dreams of finding love. Whether or not they can find that this season is a big question mark for these two.

Meka Jones is a 25-year-old that struggled with self-esteem issues in the past. But, it seems she finally knows who she is and what she wants. Even so, she hasn’t had much luck when it comes to the dating scene and finding love through dating apps. It’s possible she may find what she’s looking for with 31-year-old Michael Watson. After contemplating a life in politics, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in public service. Can they find success on Married at First Sight?

MAFS: More New Couples – Including Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad

Mindy Shiben is an Air Force veteran that’s experienced tragedy in her life – the loss of her younger sister. Meanwhile, husband Zach Justice is a 32-year-old that runs a lifestyle business. He helps his clients transform themselves physically and mentally. And, it will be worth watching Married at First Sight to see if he can transform his life with Mindy Shiben into a successful marriage.

Finding dates has never been a problem for 26-year-old Derek Sherman. But, that hasn’t always translated into meaningful connections for him. But, the good news is his new wife is 25-year-old Katie Conrad. As a mental health professional, she wants to be able to drop her guard and connect with her husband. Whether that’s a recipe for success remains to be seen on upcoming episodes of Married at First Sight.

What to Expect on Married at First Sight New Season

Along with a new batch of couples, Married at First Sight fans can expect the return of the experts. So expect Dr Pepper Schwartz, the wise Pastor Calvin Roberson, and also Dr Viviana Coles. Remember, Dr Coles debuted as an expert last season following the departure of Dr Jessica Griffin. So, fans that liked her in the previous MAFS season will get more from her in the new year.

Which Married at First Sight couples make it is always a big question heading into every new season. And, without fail, there’s always a couple that brings the majority of the drama. Certainly, those questions remain ahead of the new season premiere, January 1 at 8:00 pm only on Lifetime.

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