‘Married At First Sight’: Katie Says Yes But Derek Ditches After Decision Day

On Married At First Sight, Decision Day finally arrived and stunned everyone – including Derek Sherman – when Katie Conrad kept the dream alive and said yes. Oh well, 2 out of 5 ain’t bad. Austin Hurd finally says the L-word to Jessica Studer, and these two stay hitched. But the rest was a mess on season 10’s Until Decision Day Do We Part. MAFS airs Wednesday nights on Lifetime.

Katie Conrad Stuns Derek Sherman (and Viewers) on Married At First Sight

Derek Sherman wakes up happy in his bed with his dog. He’s feeling good about D-Day but admits there’s been ups and downs. Derek Sherman admits while growing up that his parents fought every day until they divorced. So, Derek doesn’t want to repeat that cycle. Perhaps he’s blocked out the fact that Katie Conrad screamed at him daily and called his dreams stupid.

That honeymoon’s been over for a while, but Derek’s a nice guy. And that will be his biggest problem on the day to decide on Married At First Sight as he faces Katie Conrad. Elsewhere, Katie Conrad wakes up and says she wants to get things over with on MAFS. Katie knows what she will say, but isn’t sure it’s the right answer.

Married at First Sight: Derek Sherman - Katie Conrad

The Experts Talk Down Katie – She Says Yes to the Mess

Then, in front of the panel of Married At First Sight experts, Katie Conrad friend-zones Derek Sherman and admits to a lack of passion. And that she doesn’t think about coming home early from work to hang out with him. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Robertson argue they’re young, and it takes time. Poor Derek Sherman looks like a dog left too long unwanted at the pound.

But, Derek takes some of the blame on Married At First Sight and admits he can put up a wall. But Derek Sherman wants to stay married. Sigh. Somewhere a turtle named Cal swims free and laughs “better him than me.” Katie Conrad looks like she sucked a lemon, but agrees to stay married. Champagne’s popped and poured. So, Derek Sherman scoops up Katie Conrad to head for real life.

Good luck with that. Our sources say they’re done and dusted, and it’s just a matter of filing the papers.

Brandon Reid Plays Blame Game – Taylor Leaves A Single Lady on MAFS

Married At First Sight is a reality show. But Brandon Reid missed the memo that it’s what he signed up for. The moody craft beer rep let it be known early on that he didn’t like the cameras. Plus, his bride Taylor Dunklin overwhelmed him. But, Brandon showed up for deciding day despite skipping filmed since the couples retreat. That’s when he got paranoid and aggro with his wife and production.

Brandon walks in with his smirk and says he finally got an apology from Married At First Sight production for making him miss work – even though he locked himself in a car and caused the delay. Dr. Viviana Coles asks him why he’s smiling when he knows he’s full of sh*t, and they just saw it on camera. He decides to run potty while the panel chats about how long they’ve been holding it.

When he finally returns on Married At First Sight, Taylor wastes no time telling him it’s not going to work. Brandon says he’s “over it” and storms out. Over what? Were you ever under it? These two were a colossal waste of time. And Brandon should’ve been booted when he unhinged back in Panama. Taylor hugs it out with the panel and heads out to post a new single lady video.

Meka Makes Up Her Mind On Married At First Sight

Michael Watson wakes up alone and says things “aren’t where he thought they would be”. We see clips of him talking about his devotion to yoga and again about him being an instructor. Then we get a clip of Meka Jones straight-up calling him out as a liar and never telling anyone how to do down dog. And she’s got receipts. Meka admits the last few days have been okay.

But she still feels pressure to make the right decision on Married at First Sight. Meka doesn’t sugarcoat it when it’s her turn with the MAFS panel. She says the lies were too much to handle. And if she didn’t push him about quitting, he’d have left her in the dark again. Michael squirms and says he wasn’t so much lying as relying on a coping skill set from his past — better known as stretching the truth to cover his a*s.

Meka Jones flat out tells him she’s not staying married to him. Michael acts surprised by this on Married at First Sight. He says he’s disappointed because he doesn’t believe in divorce. He admits he brought bad habits into the marriage that didn’t translate. Meka looks happy for the first time all season and says she learned a lot from the experience — like don’t trust a guy who starts the day with evaporated milk.

Mindy Shiben Slaps Zach Justice With Sharp Last Words

The Married At First Sight couple called it quits a while back. Good for them as they missed the “couples retreat” catastrophe and forced potluck dinner. In a nugget of reality gold, Pastor Cal immediately asks Zach if he was only on the show for TV exposure. Zach wrings his hands and says this particular show would not have been his choice to do that.

But once he realized he signed up for MAFS and not Love Is Blind, it was too late. But, Zach gifts Mindy and the panel with one last serving of his inscrutable BS on Married at First Sight. He says Mindy came into his life for a reason – maybe so he could text-flirt with her friend. Now, he knows what he has to offer to women.

Mindy politely puts him in his place and says he needs to “treat people better”. And that separating from his narcissistic a*s and overrated looks has been the best thing for her. Only Dr. Pepper seems to be disappointed that this ship finally sailed for good. You could hear the home audience of Married at First Sight cheering as she dissed him.

Austin Finally Says The L-Word On Married At First Sight

Jessica and Austin were the first in front of the MAFS panel on decision day. If Vegas placed odds on this season, these two were the clear favorite. So, it isn’t surprising when both say yes. Jessica admits that Austin overthinks things. And Austin says he’s still a little skeeved about saying “I love you”. They gush about all the feels — and are the only couple whose body language confirms it.

Jessica says yes first on decision day. And Austin takes it a step further by not only saying yes but says, ” I love you,” too. That makes Dr. Pepper cry real human tears. And the panel rejoices that at least one of this season’s couples will succeed. After champagne, they, too, are set free to keep this going IRL. It’s then that Austin realizes his biggest challenge lies ahead: telling Jessica apart from her twin Jennifer.

So, stay tuned here for more on the MAFS reunion Wednesday at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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