‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: Katie and Derek ‘Do a Thing’ -‘Trouble in Paradise’ S10 E05

Married At First Sight Recap: Season 10 Episode 5 (“Trouble in Paradise”) finds the couples continue their group honeymoon in Panama. Derek Sherman brings the fire to Katie Conrad, as things really heating up. But for others, like Meka Jones and Michael Watson, it’s pretty chilly despite the tropical heat. Mindy Shiben gives Zach Justice another chance to warm up to her. But, but it’s not looking great. Brandon Reid shows an anxious and stubborn side to Taylor Dunklin. Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer seem the most relaxed with each other.

The Married At First Sight couples spend time alone and as a group. Let’s dish on who did, who didn’t and who never will in this recap of Married at First Sight. The show airs Wednesdays at on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: Katie Conrad & Derek Sherman Do a “Thing”

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman have a lot in common. Over breakfast on their patio they bond even further over a shared love of cheese. And I mean all cheese. Whether it’s Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda or even cheese sprayed out of a can they love it. This cements their commitment to each other even more. What really seals the deal is that Derek gives her an insulin shot without even blinking. These two really seem to be hitting it off in every way.

On Married at First Sight, Derek sets up a romantic night to celebrate Katie’s birthday with her. He lines a path to the bed with rose petals and Katie is thrilled. She admitted to the girls earlier in a sort of hot tub confessions round that she thought things would be happening soon. In the morning the two wake up happy and tell producers that yes they “did a thing”.

And Katie says she had sex with her husband. It seems they are the first to consummate their marriage, or at least the first to admit it.

Reality Star Brandon Reid Claims He’s Camera Shy

On Married At First Sight, the couples are waking up after the first night in Panama.

Taylor Dunklin records a cute video selfie of herself beside Brandon Reid while he sleeps and snores. This makes Brandon cranky and distant. But he doesn’t tell her that till hours later and acts like a baby all day. He won’t talk to her and makes passive aggressive comments to her as the couples socialize around the pool. Taylor is left to guess what is bugging him.

Taylor even goes as far as to get him his favorite beer. Which he rejects then buys the same one at the pool. Taylor sits him down to get some answers and he says that being filmed gave him a full blown panic attack.

Married at First Sight Recap: Taylor Dunklin Calls B.S.

Taylor was there and doesn’t recall anything like that happening but Okay. So, being in a selfie freaks you out yet you signed up for a national television show where cameras are on you 24/7? Uh-huh.

Later on Married At First Sight Brandon and Taylor make up. And he sets up a surprise for his bride that includes rose petals, champagne, and a bath tub. He certainly isn’t camera shy at this point as he frolics in the tub in his just married swim trunks and asks his bride to join him. Taylor dons her just married swag suit. She says she’s over him wasting an entire day in paradise ignoring her. And joins him in the tub for some bubbly.

Mindy Shiben & Zach : He’s Just Not That Into You on Married At First Sight

Mindy Shiben did not have the best first night with Zach Justice. He told her he wasn’t “building an attraction to her”. Mindy roamed the halls upset but nonetheless returned to give the wannabe fitness model another try. When Mindy tells Zach how he made her feel, he spews a bunch of feel good crap while playing with the string on his sweat pants. Mindy cries a little and he suggests they keep on trying and offers a fist pump. Awkward.

On Married At First Sight Mindy suggests that they sit on the beach and drink some wine to talk things out. Zach again looks bored and as Mindy perfectly sums it up Zach says a whole lot without saying anything.

On the other hand Mindy comes off as needy and insecure. She asks hm if he coasts through life on his looks. Of course he says “no”, but come on Zach. It so obvious that you don’t think she matches up with you in the hotness scale.

For some couple time they travel to meet the Emberá people of Panama, an indigenous tribe. They have a nice time and Zach tells her on the way back that his favorite part of the trip was spending time with her. Does he mean it?

Married at First Sight: Zach Justice - Mindy Shiben

Back in the bedroom Zach tells her that seeing her confident and relax made him like her a tiny bit more. But you can tell he’s still not into her. Mindy attempts a sad fist pump and he leaves her hanging. Nothing to see here folks.

Austin Hurd & Jen Studer Get Relaxed at Couples Massage

Married At First Sight token goof ball couple Austin Hurd and Jen Studer go to a lizard sanctuary. Of course they get along just fine and Jen says she has a crush on her new husband. In a sea of dysfunction these two are definitely the favorites to make it in the long run. Later they go to a couples massage. They take a cold shower together after and admit that it was the first time they both shut the eff up and just had fun together without constant corny banter.

When the couples hang out together at the pool, Jen and Austin remain coy when asked if they’ve sealed the marital deal. Jess feels like this kind of stuff should be private. Which is why she went on a reality show and agreed to have cameras filming her every move. Austin is quiet too about what’s going on in the bedroom with them when the guys chat it up on Married At First Sight. Did Austin bring the fire to Panama before Derek?

Meka Jones & Michael Watson’s Misery on Married At First Sight

Not even sunny faced sexologist Pepper Schwartz can put a good spin on the very mismatched Meka Jones and new hubby Michael Watson. Meka wakes up alone and sad on her first morning of her honeymoon. Her only relief being she doesn’t have to listen to Michael order eggs and evaporated milk. She calls up Pastor Calvin. Of course he encourages her to try and have fun. And to work on their different communication styles. He’s also going to have a talk with Mike.

Michael Watson isn’t feeling much better on Married At First Sight. He mopes around and tells the pastor he was just being direct. And wasn’t trying to rush her. When Michael shows up at the pool you can literally see the tension in Meka. Sorry but as we already know this is a disaster. Michael has stopped wearing his ring and Meka takes her ring off. And the misery continues in Panama for another day.

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