‘Love Is Blind’: Mark Cuevas Dumped by Another Barnett Cast-Off

Love Is Blind star Mark Cuevas can’t seem to catch a break as he just split with another of Matt Barnett‘s former flames. Although she bedded him, Jessica Batten dumped him at that altar. That was after flopping with her tipsy plays to get back with Barnett. Now, it looks like Mark struck out with another Netflix cast member that had the hots for the other guy, too.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas Rejected Again

If you don’t remember the name Lauren “LC” Chamblin, she was one of the many babes that Matt Barnett had on the line while in the pods. Despite him stringing along several women, including LC and Jessica, he stuck with Amber Pike.

Post-show, it turns out, there was a spark between Love is Blind castoffs Mark Cuevas and LC. They started dating back in May 2020. Now, it looks like that’s over. And LC claims it’s because Mark cheated. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Mark was rejected by Matt Barnett’s other ladies.

Love Is Blind watchers remember Jessica settling for Mark after Matt Barnett strung her along then left her high and dry. But even after she said yes to Mark, she still kept after Barnett. In this latest LiB romance spinoff, it might have been Mark Cuevas stringing LC along.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas

LiB: Lauren Chamblin Kicks Him to the Curb – Mark Seeing Other Women?

While rekindling a romance with Lauren, it sounds like Mark Cuevas got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. According to LC, he was seeing someone on the side while in a relationship with her. A Love Is Blind fan alerted LC that Mark was dating her friend and posted a pic to prove it.

So, after Lauren heard about Mark’s alleged two-timing, she swiftly gave him the boot. LC said she “broke it off” with Jessica’s ex. She added that this reveal about Mark saved her time and energy. And, that she doesn’t want to give that time to “another liar”.

Remember, Matt Barnett juggled multiple women on Love Is Blind before he chose Amber. And, Lauren was one of those ladies. She and Matt seemed to have a genuine connection. So, LC was heartbroken when Barnett didn’t choose her. And now, it looks like she has another Love Is Blind disappointment to add to her dating history.

Love Is Blind: Lauren Chamblin

Love Is Blind: Miscommunication or Cheating to Blame?

According to Lauren, she and Mark Cuevas dated casually. But, she added that exclusivity was an option on the table. Also, she said her recent dating history taught her that she wants to be someone’s “priority,” rather than an “option”.

Meanwhile, it could be that Love Is Blind cutie Mark Cuevas thought they were just casual. He defended seeing someone else saying they were never exclusive. Now, Mark Cuevas seems ready to move on to other things. Do you think LC got the short end of the stick yet again with a Love Is Blind guy?

What’s Next for Lauren & Her Ex?

Love Is Blind fans that haven’t seen Lauren since the Netflix show may not recognize her now. She traded in her red locks for a jet black shade. And, she looks drastically different than she did in the pods. Even though this breakup with Mark Cuevas is recent, she seems to already focus on herself and surround herself with good friends. Meanwhile, if and when she puts herself back out on the dating scene is certainly something to watch.

As for Mark Cuevas, it seems like business as usual for the Love Is Blind reality star. He hasn’t posted any pics of a new lady love on social media. But, that’s definitely something to keep an eye on if this new relationship keeps going. Meanwhile, even though things didn’t work out with LC, most watchers are glad to see Mark free of Jessica. And, that alone is already a win for many viewers.

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