‘Love Is Blind’: Did Amber Pike Go Blonde to Mess with Jessica? See Before and After Pics

Netflix’s Love Is Blind‘s Amber Pike goes blonde for the reunion – does she throw shade at Jessica Batten? The two women fought over Netflix hunk Matt Barnett on the show. And, even though he chose Amber in the end, it doesn’t look like the women are finished throwing shade. See Amber’s new look.

Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: Amber Pike Goes Blonde

Amber Pike is a natural brunette on Netflix’s Love Is Blind. But, she changed her dark locks to a platinum shade. She has the updated look on the upcoming reunion episode. And, she showed it off in clips online giving viewers an update on her relationship status with Matt Barnett.

It’s definitely a big change for Amber Pike. But, she seems to pull it off well. And, as an added bonus, many Love Is Blind watchers wonder if she went blonde to mess with rival Jessica Batten. At one point on the show, they were both in the running for Matt Barnett. But, Amber eventually won his heart.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike

LIB Spoilers: Claws Come Out for Jessica Batten and Amber Pike

Love Is Blind spoilers reveal things heat up between Amber Pike and Jessica Batten on the Netflix reunion show. Amber Pike says in teasers she confronted Matt Barnett about the Jessica Batten situation early. And, even after he chose Amber, Jessica tried to put moves on Barnett for the rest of the show.

Amber Pike calls Jessica Batten “fake” and a “bi***” at the reunion taping. And, she calls Jessica out for trying to make nice with her to her face while going after Matt Barnett behind her back. In addition, she said she hopes this is something Jessica can grow from after what she pulled on the show.

Jessica Batten said she doesn’t “fu**” with people like Barnett and walked out of the pod on him. She pursued a relationship with Mark Cuevas as a rebound but never seemed to get over her first choice. She threw herself at Barnett after he chose his match. And, many Love Is Blind fans criticize her for it.

Love Is Blind: Are Amber and Barnett Still Together?

Matt Barnett is one of the more interesting cast members in the pods this season on Love Is Blind. Especially with how many women wanted him to choose them. And, even though he picked Amber Pike in the end, many Love is Blind fans want to know if the pair are still an item.

There’s roughly a year and a half between when Love Is Blind filmed and when it premiered on Netflix. So, that’s a lot of time to fill in. The matches stayed tight-lipped about spoilers. And, it’s only recently that they’ve been able to talk openly about the show and the overall process.

Amber talked about being with Barnett and their future children in recent interviews. So, despite Jessica’s attempts to win him back, it seems she has the last laugh. The couple said they got “closure” from the reunion show. So, that’ll certainly be worth watching when it premieres on Netflix.

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