‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Revisit Mexico

Love Is Blind‘s Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are back in Mexico at the resort from the Netflix show. They made a lot of great memories there and now it’s time to go back and have some more fun.

The Love Is Blind couple is letting everyone know that they are social distancing and being responsible. As well as the staff keeping everything clean.

Love Is Blind Update: Lauren Speed and Her Husband Relive Mexico

Lauren Speed got her wish for a romantic husband when she met Cameron Hamilton. From the first time that Lauren Speed and Cameron met, it was obvious he was head over heels for her. And the feeling was definitely mutual. While the show tried to play things up about their biracial relationship, it didn’t seem to bother them.

Now they are back at the beautiful beach setting for Love Is Blind. It looks like they have a lot of the place to themselves since everyone is hiding from COVID-19. Despite the travel troubles, the young couple enjoyed a romantic dinner on their balcony. Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you have to go out around people.

Cameron Hamilton and his wife, the lovely Lauren Speed, have been staying inside at their home and social distancing. So, we are pretty sure they can stay their distance from other people with beautiful beach views. And who wouldn’t want to have dinner on a balcony overlooking the amazing waters of Mexico?

Love Is Blind: Lauren Speed - Cameron Hamilton

Is That a Ghost on the Beach?

Cameron of Love Is Blind shared a photo of himself out on the beach. With his arms widespread and enjoying the sun, he looks like he felt like he’s in paradise. Leave it to co-cast member Matt Barnett to steal the spotlight. He posted in the comments asking if that was a ghost. Fans were having a great time laughing about it. In fact, one fan called them out for having a bromance.

For everyone’s sake, we do hope that Cameron uses sunscreen. We’re sure Lauren from Love Is Blind is keeping him in line and safe. It’s likely Lauren was the photographer. There was hardly anyone on the beach. But we’re sure the love birds didn’t mind that at all.

Lauren Speed and husband Cameron Hamilton were one of the only couples to stay married. It seems like love isn’t very blind or maybe the right partners weren’t on the show. But whatever it was for the other couples, viewers of Love Is Blind feel these two were a match made in heaven.

Love Is Blind: Cameron Hamilton

Love Is Blind: Will Cameron Hamilton and Wife Make Babies In Mexico?

The biggest question fans of Love Is Blind always have for Cameron and his wife Lauren Speed is the baby question. In fact, as soon as it came out that they were married, everyone started asking. It seems like the couple is open to having kids. But we’re not sure when.

The lockdown and quarantine might be putting a damper on things. A lot of people aren’t excited about bringing a child into an uncertain world. And these two might be in that list of people as well.

For now, we just have to keep an eye out and see if there are any baby bumps forming. So far, there’s no sign of baby bumps and with Lauren’s fit figure, we could tell pretty soon.

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