‘Love Is Blind’: Jessica Batten Went to Therapy and Left Town After Filming

Love Is Blind celeb Jessica Batten skipped town and needed therapy after filming the Netflix show with Mark Cuevas. The love triangle between her, Matt Barnett, and Amber Pike is a main draw on the first season of the show. And, a big part of that has to do with what Jessica tried to do once things with Barnett went south. What’s the latest?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten Rejects Matt Barnett – Tries to Win Him Back

Jessica had a strong connection with Matt Barnett early on Love Is Blind. In addition, she was an early frontrunner and one of three women Barnett had his eyes on.

Jessica Batten had her eyes set on Matt Barnett and pushed away Mark Cuevas, her other suitor. Then, Jessica was heartbroken when Barnett became indecisiveness and proposed to Amber Pike instead.

So, Jessica decided to pursue a relationship with Mark Cuevas. It’s clear she wasn’t over her first choice on Love Is Blind when she accepted Mark’s proposal and became his fiance.

She even flirted with Matt Barnett after the engaged couples left the pods and went to Cancun Mexico. Jessica did this when their fiance’s were out of earshot. And, she never seemed to get over that initial connection.

Jessica Batten says she understands where Amber Pike is coming from after watching the scenes back on Love Is Blind. Amber Pike let Jessica Batten have it on the reunion show after seeing how she went behind her back and tried to win Matt Barnett back. Jessica apologized to them both (but not to Mark). And, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood on her end.

Netflix: Jessica Skipped Town – Went to Therapy After Filming

Turns out Jessica Batten required more than just time to herself after breaking Mark Cuevas’ heart at the altar. In addition, Jessica Batten recently revealed that she did more than that after filming wrapped on Love Is Blind. And, this included moving back to Chicago to be with family. Because Jessica works for a large Fortune 500 corporation, she can choose jobs across the country. And since her house in Atlanta was a rental home, it made it easier for her to leave town.

Jessica Batten lives in Los Angeles now. And, she said it’s the fresh start she needed after everything that went down on Love Is Blind. She is the show villain in the eyes of many watchers. And, she gets the majority of the backlash online after what she did to Mark Cuevas and the way she tried to undermine Amber Pike’s relationship with Matt Barnett.

What’s Next for the Love Is Blind Exes?

Both Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten needed alone time to figure things out after Love Is Blind wrapped. Mark Cuevas defended Jessica Batten against the criticism she gets online. And, he said he’ll be there for her if ever she needs him to be. So, despite the rejection, it seems Mark doesn’t hold a grudge against her.

Mark Cuevas and his ex agree that what they went through was a unique experience. And, that they’ll be “friends for life” after going through what they did together. In addition, it seems they’re both open to finding love again even though things didn’t work out for them on the Netflix show.

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