Did ‘Love Is Blind’ Mark & Barnett Hint Jessica Drug Use – Fans Spot Strange Signs

Did Love is Blind‘s Mark Cuevas and Matt Barnett hint that Jessica Batten was using drugs on the show? Some fans think so. Do they see meaning in the meaningless, or is there more to it? We’ve got photos so you can decide. It happened the night Jessica got sloppy and gushed over engaged Barnett then threw herself at Mark. Take a look at the action on the Netflix show.

Netflix Love Is Blind: Fans Think Barnett & Mark Signaled on Jessica Batten

Fans of Love Is Blind keep on talking about the couples get-together scene where Jessica Batten seemed wildly out of control. Everyone gathered, and there was plenty of drinking. However, Jessica looked like the one drinking the most. She even admitted later that her drinking got out of control. But was there more to it? Fans think so. See the comments below.

Love Is Blind: Fans

A fan of Love Is Blind posted they saw Barnett signal Mark about Jessica. It looked like Mark made eye contact with Barnett, who sniffed between his finger and thumb a couple of times. It was just after Jessica Batten was begging him to call her if he broke things off with Amber Pike. Mark looked concerned and asked Jessica if she was okay on Netflix’s Love Is Blind sixth episode.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas - Jessica Batten - Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

Jessica Batten – And Her Dog – Drink Wine – But Is There More?

Many fans say Jessica Batten proved Love Is Blind wrong. Love is not blind, according to Jessica. She couldn’t get over how Mark didn’t look like her normal type of guy. She preferred Barnett but took a ring from Mark. Yet, the one thing she didn’t waffle on was her love of wine. Even her dog boozed with her.

But, don’t worry — Jessica Batten says her dog loves wine. Which left Love Is Blind viewers asking if she gives her dog wine often. Viewers say the worst thing about it is that she and her dog were sharing the red out of the same cup. And that begs the question of whether Mark kissed her after she and her pooch co-sipped.

While everyone saw Jessica Batten loves her wine, not many noticed the moment on Love Is Blind with Mark and Barnett at the party. But, after one person brought it up, more people went back to watch and see. Then, fan chatter picked up as people noted what they called Jessica Batten’s erratic behavior with Barnett, then clinging to Mark moments later.

Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten

Is This Love Is Blind Scene Just Coincidence or Clever Editing?

It could be one of those times when TV viewers are looking for something that’s not there. It could be just tricky editing on behalf of the video team dropped as a sly suggestion. Or it might be unintentional, and fans are reading more into it.

While anything is possible, many people can’t get over the way Jessica behaved (or misbehaved) the night of the couple’s event on Love Is Blind. She looked out of sorts, seemed to drink a lot. Then, moments after making it clear she still wanted Barnett, she got extra lovey and touchy with Mark. So, do you think something’s up with Jessica Batten and fans are right – or is there nothing to this?

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