‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren and Cameron Say Netflix Over-Focused on Race

Netflix Love Is Blind pair Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed recently talked in an interview about interracial dating. They said it was a major part of their story on the Netflix show.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were the first couple engaged after talking to each other through a wall for several days. And, they’re an early favorite this season in terms of making their relationship last. What else do the pair reveal?

Netflix ‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren Speed & Cameron Hamilton Dish on Filming

Lauren Speed and love interest Cameron Hamilton were the first engaged pair on Love Is Blind. They hit it off quickly in the pods and quickly decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together – all before seeing one another face to face.

Cameron Hamilton said Love Is Blind was “the most life-changing event”. And, he added he wouldn’t change a thing. Interestingly, Lauren Speed agrees with her scientist fiance.

The duo said keeping their relationship status a secret is very difficult. The Love Is Blind season is available on Netflix. And, viewers find out which couples decide to marry at the end of the process.

LIB: Netflix Editing to Blame for Drama Surrounding Race?

Because Cameron Hamilton and fiance Lauren Speed fall in love without ever seeing each other, race didn’t play a role in their love story early on. Lauren told Netflix cameras that she never dated a “white man” before. And, this seemed to be a first for Cameron, too.

There’s a lot of drama leading up to Lauren bringing Cameron home to her family. And, a lot of buildup over whether or not her kin will accept him – especially her father. But, was this really a major issue for the pair? Or, is clever editing by Netflix responsible?

Lauren said race wasn’t “at the forefront” of their minds when they decided to get together on Love Is Blind. Meanwhile, Cameron Hamilton added there are “layers” to their relationship. And, he wanted to see more of that rather than the focus on race in the final product.

Biggest Challenges for Love Is Blind Couple

Whether or not families accept their union is a big part of their Love Is Blind story this season. But, the couple face some other challenges as well. Cameron said the “biggest challenge” right out of the gate was Lauren Speed never lived with a man prior.

Lauren reveals she was a “hermit”. And, there was some “tension” when the twosome finally moved in together in Atlanta. In addition, the couple agree that a lot of that tension had to do with the accelerated timeframe. They worked through in a matter of weeks what most couples work through in months or years. So, they had a lot to deal with early.

With all episodes available to stream on Netflix, it’s worth tuning in to see which couples stay together and which couples decide not to walk down the aisle. All episodes of Love Is Blind are available now on Netflix.

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