Who Paid for ‘Love is Blind’ Weddings? Cast Says One Thing – Production Another

Love Is Blind on Netflix has a lot of viewers talking – and many want to know who foot the bill for the weddings. Several couples made it to the altar on the season finale of the show. And, even though not everyone tied the knot in the end, several weddings took place. Lauren Speed and fellow celeb Mark Cuevas recently dished on who paid for the weddings. So, who paid for it all?

Five Love Is Blind Ceremonies on Netflix

In total, there are five weddings on the Love Is Blind finale episode. And, even though only two couples go through with it in the end, everything is in place for all the pairs. And, one of the big questions on the minds of a lot of viewers is who picked up the tab.

Lauren Speed’s wedding to Cameron Hamilton ended with a happily ever after. But, Mark Cuevas’ walk down the aisle with Jessica Batten ended in a broken heart. But, no matter the outcome, each wedding cost money. And, someone had to pay for them.

Even modest weddings can come with a hefty price tag. But, when it comes to who paid the bill, there are different answers. Production says one thing, while the Love Is Blind celebs have a different take. So, how did things really go down?

LIB: Lauren Speed and Alum Mark Cuevas Dish on Weddings

The latest from Netflix is that production covered the basics in terms of cost. And, it was up to the couples themselves to decide how to spend that money. It makes it seem like anything extra came out of their own bank accounts. But, cast members say something else entirely.

Love Is Blind stars Mark Cuevas and Lauren Speed said production paid for “everything” when it came to their ceremonies. Lauren Speed and Mark Cuevas agreed that they didn’t have to fork over any cash. They also said they got to choose how they wanted their big day to look in terms of personal touches.

Couples Talk Budget on Love Is Blind

Adding to the confusion among Love Is Blind watchers, several couples discuss their wedding budget on the show. But, it looks like talk of budgeting was more along the lines of how they would spend the money to customize their individual weddings rather than anything coming out of pocket.

Meanwhile, adding to what Mark Cuevas and Love Is Blind alum Lauren Speed said, Amber Pike recently said online that Netflix paid for everything. Getting married on Love Is Blind was a stressful experience for many of the marriage hopefuls. And, not having to worry about paying for the wedding was certainly one less thing to worry about.

Love Is Blind is a trending show on Netflix. Even though the show filmed in 2018, viewers only recently just got to know Lauren Speed, Mark Cuevas, and the other stars. In fact, it had been so long between filming and release, that Amber Pike said she almost forgot about the show.

All installments of Love Is Blind are now on Netflix.

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