‘Love Is Blind’: Amber and Barnett Brawled Over Jessica After Netflix Aired Mexico Episode

Love Is Blind married pair Amber Pike and Matt Barnett brawled over Jessica Batten following the Mexico episode of the show on Netflix. The duo talked about their experience on the set of the reunion show. And, it looks like Matt Barnett kept his interactions with Jessica a secret from his wife. What’s the latest?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten Tried to Win Matt Barnett Back

The love triangle between Jessica Batten, Matt Barnett, and Amber Pike is one of the biggest storylines on Love Is Blind this season. Jessica Batten walked out on Matt Barnett in the pods. But, she never got over him – even after saying yes to Mark Cuevas.

After the duo went their separate ways and paired off with other people, Jessica tried to get Matt Barnett back. She made suggestive comments when they were alone together and tried to undermine his new relationship with Amber Pike. And, things only got worse once the Mexico episode aired.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Jessica Batten

LIB: Matt Barnett Lied to Amber Pike About Jessica?

Turns out Matt Barnett wasn’t completely honest with bride Amber Pike about everything that went down with Jessica Batten in Mexico. Jessica flirted with Matt Barnett whenever Amber Pike and Mark Cuevas were out of earshot. And, what happened on the show between them blindsided Amber when the episode came out.

Amber Pike wasn’t aware of what went down between Jessica Batten and her husband when she was away on Love Is Blind. And, the couple fought over it once she saw the episodes. In his defense, Barnett agreed that he was oblivious. And, that keeping what happened with Jessica Batten from Amber Pike wasn’t malicious on his part.

Claws Come Out for Amber and Jessica on Reunion Show

Amber Pike didn’t hold back during the Love Is Blind reunion taping. She only recently found out about everything that went down between Jessica and her husband. And, she called her out for her behavior. She said she was “fake”. Especially because she was friendly to her face. Meanwhile, she stabbed her in the back when it came to her man.

Amber said recently that she’s a very “straightforward person” and she doesn’t mince her words. She certainly let Jessica Batten have it during the Love Is Blind reunion.

What’s Next for the Love Is Blind Pair?

Even though Matt Barnett and wife Amber Pike work through their issues like any married pair, the Love Is Blind episodes definitely dug up some things from the past. It’s clear everything that happened with Jessica put a strain on their relationship once Amber got the full picture.

But, based on the latest updates from the pair, it seems they’ve navigated through their issues and are stronger for it as a couple. Both Amber and Barnett said the Love Is Blind reunion gave them closure. And, now that everything is out in the open, it seems they are moving on and enjoying their married lives.

Certainly, it’s worth keeping an eye on what the Love Is Blind pair do next. They enjoy traveling and seem to have fun together. And, whether or not they have kids in the near future is another thing to watch for as well. Especially since the drama with Jessica Batten is behind them.

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