What Happened to ‘The Virgin’ on Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’?

What happened to the virgin on Love Is Blind? His name is Taylor Lupton, 31, and he was in the first episode – then he was gone. All the guys were asking if anyone in the group was a virgin. Taylor was the only guy to say he was waiting for the right girl.

Love Is Blind: Taylor Lupton (The Virgin) Lasts Only One Episode

After the original episode of Love Is Blind, we didn’t see anything about Tylor Lupton, the self confessed virgin. Netflix fans are asking why they didn’t get to see any pod dates with him. Wouldn’t a virgin have a very interesting take on what is happening in the experiment?

Taylor Lupton is from Atlanta and he didn’t get much air time on Love Is Blind. But if you were paying attention to Kelly Chase’s photo from the reunion episode, he is in the back of the group.

Love Is Blind: Virgin - Taylor Lupton

Taylor Lupton Wins Fan Hearts In One Episode

Taylor Lupton was only on for a short time, but fans still love him. He acted very sweet and genuine in the show, which made everyone wonder where he went after Love Is Blind. The good news is that Taylor is doing very well for himself.

Since August 2019 Taylor Lupton has been working as an account executive for Springbot. He works with brands to help them with their marketing efforts. Besides for that, Taylor is also Vice President of Business Development at 45Studios, which specializes in working with motion and still graphics for marketing.

Love Is Blind: Virgin - Taylor Lupton

Is the Virgin Talking About Love Is Blind?

Taylor Lupton does not mention Love Is Blind on social media. While he obviously made it to the reunion, it doesn’t look like he wants to advertise he was there. But why not? Some fans say he might be regretting sharing his virgin status with the whole of Netflix.

Taylor doesn’t appear to be looking for love right now. He is also a professional photographer and is now taking photos of other couples in love. Taylor sees the beauty in love, but maybe it isn’t the right time for him. Some fans believe he should come back to do another appearance on season two. But is he up for it?

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