‘Love Is Blind’: Giannina and Damian Broke Up for Just a Minute

Love Is Blind cast member Damian Powers broke Giannina Gibelli‘s heart at the altar on the Netflix show – but that didn’t last long. Despite all the drama of Giannina running from the altar, it turns out the pair got back together not long after. What’s the latest on this duo?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Giannina Gibelli Runs from Damian Powers

Damian Powers rejecting Giannina Gibelli at the altar was a major event in the finale episode of the Netflix show. Damian said he didn’t want to marry her in front of their friends and family. And, she stormed out of the church in tears while a defeated Damian let her go.

Despite loving one another on Love Is Blind, the duo had their fair share of issues. Giannina can be a lot to handle. And, Damian Powers didn’t like the hot and cold treatment she gave him. He felt she was unstable at times. And, that gave him pause while filming.

Netflix: Giannina and Damian Get Back Together

Turns out Giannina Gibelli reached out to Damian Powers hours after their wedding disaster. She felt there was “unfinished business” between them. And, it seems the pair decided to hash things out despite the dramatic rejection at the altar on Love Is Blind.

Giannina Gibelli said recently that she is “direct”. And, they barely had time to let things sink in before they were back to working on their broken relationship. Giannina wanted to understand what happened with Damian Powers after getting crushed. And, things seem to be working out for the better for the pair.

Where Things Stand Now for Love Is Blind Duo

Giannina Gibelli revealed recently that she and Damian Powers are able to love each other more “deeply” since filming wrapped on Love Is Blind. She added that their love thrives away from the pressure and the cameras. And, they seem to be in a much healthier place without Netflix documenting their every move.

Interestingly, even though the pair are in a good place now, Damian Powers stands by his decision to not marry Giannina Gibelli on Love Is Blind. He went on to say there was a lot of pressure throughout the filming process. And, he wants to make sure they are “best friends” first before anything else.

Many Love Is Blind watchers want to know where things currently stand for Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli. Damian said getting engaged and married again “isn’t off the table” for the twosome. But, even though there isn’t a definitive wedding in the works for the pair, they seem to be happy dating one another and taking their time with the process.

Damian Powers revealed that he and Giannina Gibelli struggled off and on since filming. And, he said they’ve had their ups and downs. But, despite all the drama that went down between them on Love Is Blind, they seem to be in a good place as a couple now.

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