‘Love Is Blind’: Mark Cuevas Self-Quarantines – Jessica Batten Breaking Rules Again?

Love Is Blind‘s Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten have different ideas of how quarantines should be done.

Mark Cuevas urges people to stay home, get healthy and take care of your mental health. Jessica Batten goes out biking and watches roller-bladers at a public beach. Read on to find out what other differences are between these two used-to-be lovers.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas Bulks Up During Quarantine

The media and government is urging everyone to stay inside and Mark Cuevas from Love Is Blind isn’t letting that stop him from working on his fitness. He’s staying inside and pumping weights and offering fitness coaching. There’s no time to fret over COVID-19. There’s plenty of time to beef up that bod and get some workouts in.

If you’ve been watching Mark’s stories, you’ll also see he’s been helping his quarantine pals get their workouts in. If you’re going to quarantine with him — pick up some weights. Despite the self-quarantine, it doesn’t seem like Mark from Love Is Blind is too worried about the virus and is preparing for life as usual once it’s passed.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas

Jessica Batten Rides Bike to the Beach

Jessica Batten from Love Is Blind isn’t letting anything keep her in the house. In fact, she’s ready to get some sweat in herself, so Mark, you’re not alone. Jessica put in 15 miles on the bike going from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica Beach.

The virus isn’t stopping Love Is Blind‘s Jessica from having her fun and getting a good pump in. Safety first? Maybe not. Keep watching her space to see if Jessica breaks more rules or if she opts to self-quarantine as well. Just not with Mark.

Since Jessica Batten’s move to Los Angeles, she hasn’t been as vocal and open as some of the stars from the show.

While Jessica didn’t find love on Love Is Blind, it does look like she’s found a new life. Maybe she’ll share more soon.

Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten

Will Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas Ever Get Back Together?

If you’re still rooting for Love Is Blind team Jessica and Mark, there aren’t any signs that is going to happen. Mark is staying on his turf and Jessica is having fun breaking in her new stomping grounds. She’s hanging out with new neighbor Vince Vaughn (or at least getting a picture). And Mark is focusing on his fitness business and getting in the best shape of his life.

Life looks like it is going well for both Mark and Jessica. It just wasn’t meant to be between the two no matter how much fans wanted them to tie the knot. Sorry, Mark. Better luck next time lover boy.

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