‘Love Is Blind’: Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed Dish on Relationship Status – Talk Kids

Love Is Blind pair Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are one of the most popular couples on the hit Netflix show – and they’re already talking kids. There’s roughly a year and a half gap between when the show filmed and when it aired on Netflix. And, the love birds don’t seem to want to waste any time. What’s the latest?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Open Up About Relationship

Netflix Love Is Blind couple Lauren Speed and groom Cameron Hamilton stayed mum on their relationship status for a long time while they waited for the show’s premiere. But, now that they’re in the spotlight, they can talk about what it was like to connect with one another through the pods.

Cameron Hamilton and bride Lauren Speed were the first couple engaged on Love Is Blind. And, it looks like things go well in their marriage. One of the big questions is how couples get along once cameras leave. And, this Love Is Blind duo seem to be just fine.

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Does Cameron have a sibling that’s single? Asking for a friend.

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Netflix: Cameron Changed for the Better – Lauren Still Learning About Her Husband

Cameron Hamilton and spouse Lauren Speed married a year and a half ago now. So, they’ve had all that time since filming wrapped to build and strengthen their relationship.

Cameron Hamilton revealed recently that he changed a lot since filming Love Is Blind. He said he’s “fundamentally the same person”. But, on the other hand, he “absorbed some of her [Lauren’s] personality”. And, it certainly seems like they’re both stronger as a couple overall.

Meanwhile, from Lauren Speed’s end of things, she said the duo are “still learning more about each other”. And, while they’ve had hurdles to navigate since getting together, Lauren revealed their relationship is “flourishing”. And, that’s good news for watchers rooting for this duo.

Love Is Blind Pair Talk Kids and More

With the Love Is Blind reunion show available to stream on Netflix, many watchers want to know what’s next for this popular couple. And, it looks like there are some big plans in the works.

Lauren Speed said she’s not getting any younger. And, her mother told her on Love Is Blind that her “eggs are shriveling up”. Meanwhile, it looks like Cameron and wife Lauren Speed definitely want to expand their family in the very near future.

Currently, the couple give themselves roughly a year before children are part of the equation. But, Cameron Hamilton said his “paternal instincts” are kicking in. So, it’s possible they’ll welcome a Love Is Blind baby sooner rather than later.

The pair both agree that this is just the beginning of their journey. And, that there’s so much more to share. In addition, they’re touched by fans reaching out to them and sharing positive messages. So, it certainly looks like followers haven’t seen the last of this popular pair.

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