Netflix ‘Love Is Blind’: Who Got Married from the 6 Engagements?

Love Is Blind on Netflix showed six engagements leaving the pods, but who got married? Turns out, only a handful actually made it to wedded bliss? The new series from the producers of Married at First Sight answers the question of whether or not love is truly blind.

Netflix ‘Love Is Blind’: 6 Engaged Couples Head to Cancun

And, early on in the Love Is Blind current season, love is in the air for a number of the new couples who left the pods and headed to Cancun with rings on fingers. Did their love last?

#1: Lauren Speed & Cameron Hamilton – Immediate Connection on ‘Love is Blind’

A.I. scientist Cameron Hamilton and fiancé Lauren Speed were the first couple shown engaged on Love Is Blind. And, they enjoy their get-to-know-you trip to Mexico. Cameron proposed to Lauren without ever seeing her in person. And, they fell in love despite never seeing one another until after the proposal.

On Netflix’s Love Is Blind, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton had a connection early on that transcends race. Cameron is Caucasian and Lauren is African-American. But, that’s not an issue early on for the duo. Lauren revealed Cameron is the first “white man” she’s been with.

#2: Carlton Morton & Diamond Jack Split in Cancun – Didn’t Really Get Off the Ground on Netflix

When Carlton Morton revealed himself as “fluid” on Love is Blind in Cancun, Diamond Jack was off-put. But that wasn’t necessarily a deal breaker if Carlton hadn’t clapped back on her so hard and refused to talk things through.

Carlton Morton also kept changing his story. At first, he said he never told Diamond Jack he was bisexual because he’d been rejected before based on this. Yet, while they fought by the pool, he told her everyone else accepted it. In the end, the Love is Blind pair ended with her tossing a drink in his face and storming off.

Bonus Fact: Check out the video below (at 3:20) to see Carlton on Real Housewives of Atlanta – he was Cynthia Bailey’s assistant back then.

#3: Kenny Barnes & Kelly Chase Didn’t Marry – But Tried Dating More Instead

Love Is Blind pair Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes have more in common than the same letter in their first name. They met like the rest of the participants – with a wall between them. Those barriers broke down when Kenny popped the question and health coach Kelly said yes – making them the third couple to pair up and begin their engagement.

However, despite their attraction, after their Cancun trip, they decided to not get married. But, Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase said they’d try dating instead of jumping right into matrimony. Since then, leaked info says they called it quits and Kenny relocated. So, Love Is Blind but not always meant for long distance.

#4: Damian Powers & Giannina Gibelli – A ‘Love Is Blind’ Altar Fail

Damian Powers and Gianinna Gibelli took a longer path on Love Is Blind than some of their peers. Giannina struggled with her parents’ divorce when she was younger. And, it took her a little longer to trust Damian and open up to him. And, she said she’s prone to self-sabotage. She taught herself English and really communicated with Damian on a deeper level once they got to know one another. And, she asked him to marry her.

Love is Blind: Giannina Milady Gibelli

So, did her proposal work out? Well, the latest info shows that Damian Powers and fiancee Gianinna Gibelli may still be together. But they didn’t get hitched on the Netflix show. But they were spotted at a Super Bowl viewing party together and other events . So it looks like Love Is Blind (maybe) for Damian and Giannina Milady but perhaps slow.

#5: Jessica Batten & Mark Cueva Flopped – Is Anyone Shocked?

Early on in the Love Is Blind season, the early love triangle between Jessica Batten, Mark Cuevas, and Matt Barnett brings the majority of the drama. Barnett juggled multiple women and seemed to play the field too much. He took things lightly rather that getting serious like other guys.

Meanwhile, Matt Barnett and Mark Cuevas were both after Jessica initially. But, Jessica Batten kicked Barnett to the curb (after he started rejected her) and she said yes to Mark instead. There’s a 10-year age difference between Mark and Jessica but they seem to connect – until the Barnett thing. But in Cancun, Jessica bickered with Mark and kept her eyes on Barnett. In the end, we can confirm they didn’t marry.

#6: Matt Barnett & Amber Pike – Did They Last on ‘Love Is Blind’?

Matt Barnett is at the center of the most controversy so far this season on the Netflix show Love Is Blind. He juggled several women early. And, he put several marriage hopefuls through the wringer during his decision-making process. Ultimately, he chose Amber Pike. And, the chemistry between them is palpable.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

Amber Pike has a strong personality. And, that seems to mesh well with what Matt Barnett looks for in a future wife. There was instant chemistry between them when they finally met. Certainly, it will be interesting to see if the sparks fly out in the real world. These two are still together and married. You can see from the pic above they were sharing a hat – and lots of fun at a July 4th party.

Love Is Blind on Netflix Draws in Fans of Messy Reality Romance – Will There Be a Season 2?

Fans of Married at First Sight seems to respond well to Love Is Blind. Plus, since it’s on Netflix, producers can get away with things like explicit language and subject matter – something that’s not possible on network television. But will there be a season two? That remains to be seen. As an interesting side note, this show filmed quite a while ago – in 2018, in fact.

There’s no word on why the 18-month tape-to-air delay. So, stay tuned for more info to see if Netflix will try this social experiment again. Thus far, fans seem to dig it – so, fingers crossed.

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