‘Love Is Blind’: Carlton Morton on COVID Lockdown but Wants to Date

Love Is Blind’s Carlton Morton is on COVID lockdown. While on voluntary quarantine, Carlton shares his surprise plans and date info with fans. Is he going to find love in the age of Coronavirus or will he strike out and stay inside? Check out what Carlton shared with fans and friends about love, life, and dating.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Where Did Carlton Morton Go?

It didn’t take long for Carlton Morton to make his way off the show after the big break up with Diamond Jack shortly after revealing he likes both men and women. Both Carlton and Diamond said some pretty harsh feelings on the episode. Their last words were anything but civil.

Carlton Morton was using foul language with Diamond Jack and she on Love Is Blind and was stomping off and crying while Diamond offered some choice words of her own.

Carlton’s time on Love Is Blind started out genuine and sweet. Once out of pods, his walls went up and many fans see him as rude after that episode. He did share on the show he wanted to make sure that he never lied to anyone or deceived anyone. Now the whole world knows his deepest secret.

Keeping a secret that big inside the Love Is Blind pods could cause anyone to act out of character. And, that’s what Carlton says happened in his case.

On the reunion episode, both Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack said they had gotten death threats after Love Is Blind made its debut on Netflix. They shared their regrets about what happened on the show and were very emotional. Fans had strong feelings about both sides of the issue and were not afraid to make those feelings known.

Even though Carlton Morton had a short time on Netflix’s Love Is Blind, he still has a big group of fans that want to know “Where did Carlton go? And where is he now?”

Love is Blind: Carlton Morton

Carlton Morton Is On a Self-Imposed Lockdown

Carlton Morton has gone back and forth about whether to go bowling or stay inside and Corona karaoke all day. The Love Is Blind star is more than confident with his singing voice. He had fun singing his favorite songs with friends and fans and showed no fear.

Carlton says he’s going to stay in, eat and get fat and sassy. He also shared quotes on his stories talking about his fear of being loved and losing that love. It looks like Carlton still isn’t over his issues and it goes way beyond what happened with Diamond.

Love Is Blind fans asked him who his quarantine buddy was and he responded with “Me, Myself and I” by Boosie BadAzz. It doesn’t look like Carlton Morton is ready for love at all and maybe the coronavirus is a convenient way to keep people out.

Love is Blind: Carlton Morton

Love is Blind: Carlton Is Kinda in the Mood to Go on a Date Today — Or Not

Carlton Morton could still be feeling the pain of another rejection from Diamond Jack at the Love Is Blind reunion show. Not only did he make the nice gesture of giving her the ring back that he tossed in the pool, but he also asked her if she’d like to rekindle things — but nope.

Maybe love isn’t out of the question altogether for Carlton. He posted a video selfie while he was in his bed snuggled up to his comforter saying he kinda felt like he was in the mood to go on a date. Did the Coronavirus keep him from enjoying his time with someone special, or was it simply wishful thinking?

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